The Green Revolution offers big opportunities to the world of Light and Optics, even in times of crisis

Feb. 2, 2009
Date Announced: 02 Feb 2009 -- These opportunities will be presented at the Green Lighting Event March 24-26, 2009 Frankfurt a/m GermanyOpportunities in solid state lighting, solar and optics are at high speed driven by developments in applications and technology but certainly also by the strong discussion on global environment and sustainability issues which will push opportunities even faster forward.Green Lighting Event- Over 100 presentations on opportunities in Solid State Lighting, Photonics, Solar and Optics- Over 30 exhibitors with new technology, applications and productsMarch 24-25-26 four well known international conferences on light and optics will be combined under the umbrella title of Green Lighting Event.The event hosts 4 top level conferences on light, devices, semiconductors and engineering: LED conferencePhotonics conferencePhotovoltaics conference, and Opto Mechanics conference. The four conferences are joined together at one main exhibition where companies will show their latest developments. Green Lighting is about the technology and business of light contributing to a better environment. With continuous and fast developments and improvements in Solid State Lighting technologies this event is essential for professionals working with or in the lighting industry.Four international conferences with a focus on business roadmaps, business cases, technology trends, workshops, industry sessions, expert meetings and one main Green Lighting Expo.Who will attendThe Green Lighting event brings together High Level representatives from the Industry, Governmental Institutes, Science and End user markets, such as Automotive, Agriculture, Healthcare, Aviation, Space, Defense, Light architecture, Government, Retail, Industry etcetera, to present and learn from the latest achievements and business cases in Solid State Lighting, Solar systems, Photonics and Opto Mechanics. The Green Lighting Event aims to build bridges from the Lab to the Fab to Commercial markets.The 4 individual Conferences share the same focus, namely Light and Optics to positively influence our environment. Hence parallel organized under the umbrella title of Green Lighting Event. And although the conferences have their individual elements, they will be joined in 1 major Expo where all these disciplines on light and optics come together.Green Lighting Expo: The Business AreaAdjacent to the conferences of the Green Lighting Event there will be a three day expo where companies, organizations and knowledge institutes active in LED - Photonics - Opto Mechanics - Photovoltaics present their latest and future products to the visitors of the Green Lighting Event.Over 600 participants are expected to attend the conferences, visit the expo and network at the diner events. Exhibitors can present their new research and development in the Industry program of the event.About WE ARE:WE ARE BV is a professional Conference Organizer in the field of ICT technologies (Machine-to Machine Communication, Business Intelligence, XBRL and Taxonomy tools, Digital Reporting etc.) and High Tech technologies (Nanotechnology, Mechatronics, Conductive Polymers, Plastic Electronics, Opto-Mechanics, Display technology, Photonics, organic and inorganic LEDs etc.) The conferences all focus on how to bring innovative technologies to commercial markets. During these conferences parties will be informed at a strategic management level. Various managerial stakeholders in technology, branches, application development and new products will be brought together in the programs and for networking purposes because innovation starts with a vision and a strategy. Besides the Netherlands WE ARE BV also organizes conferences in Belgium and Germany.

Astrid Strijbos

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