Neo Neon supplies LED streetlights to Swedish municipalities through agent RBIecolight

Feb. 20, 2009
Date Announced: 20 Feb 2009 Neo Neon™, through our pace setting Swedish agent RBIecolight have been supplying our market leading LED Streetlights to Swedish municipalities since the beginning of 2007. The first of our products in Sweden were installed in Kjellbergsgatan, Jönköping Municipality, and have now been in use for two years. The reaction of the public and the Municipality has been very positive.Together with the many successful projects completed by RBIecolight, Neo-Neon™ now has many projects which we are evaluating with clients in a number of different countries. Neo-Neon™ LED Streetlights place light directionally, onto the ground where it is needed, without the estimated 30% of outdoor light pollution from other forms of lighting. A Neo-Neon™ LED Streetlight reduces drastically light pollution and aids the global Dark Skies Initiative. The energy efficiency our LED Streetlights stems from the technological advancements in White LED Production process, the custom designed optics such as L-BOT™ technology, and other green processes to create the most economical product possible. The greatest advantage of the LED Streetlight by Neo-Neon™ is energy saving. Neo-Neon’s LED streetlights can reduce energy usage by at least 50% compared to high pressure sodium. Another important benefit of LED streetlights by Neo-Neon™ is the reduction of maintenance over time and it is possible to save up to 75% of the total service costs that exist with traditional streetlight fixtures. As with all newer technologies the initial investment is slightly higher than installing existing lamp based fixtures but coupled with the compounded energy savings, greatly reduced maintenance costs, extended lifetime of LED vs. lamps, dramatic reduction of light pollution and enhanced colour rendering of LED Lighting the additional costs are recovered many times over in life of the lamp with high environmental benefitsWe are all aware of the toxins such as Mercury that are involved in the construction of traditional lamps. Not only should we as a people be focusing on energy savings, we should also be focusing on true “green” technologies. Neo-Neon™ LED Streetlights contain no mercury and are completely recyclable. Governments around the world are focusing on stimulating the economy through the creation of jobs, by way of funding “green” infrastructure construction and enhancements. Neo-Neon™ LED Streetlights assuredly will have a place in that solution to the global economic crisis.Now more than ever a proverb of the wise beyond their years Ancient Native American Indians rings true:"Treat the earth well: it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors; we borrow it from our Children."

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