LEDworx describes successful test run for Viennese historic streetlights

Feb. 5, 2009
Date Announced: 05 Feb 2009 Four historic Streetlights called "Maiglöckchen“ are performing convincingly since the retrofitting to LED-Lighting in January 2008.In cooperation with the lighting responsible of the area of the former city hospital (company ESW) LEDworx® managed to put up an inner city trail run for testing retrofitted street lighting on bases of LED-technology. The historic “Maiglöckchen” Streetlight belongs to the city’s townscape as well as the Vienna Giant Ferris or the “Pummerin” Bell to the St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Therefore it is not astonishing, that a majority of the people are highly interested to preserve that part of the townscape for inhabitants and visitors."Regarding to energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness and ecology reasons, the Maiglöckchen Streetlight equipped with conventional lamps does not meet the demands of modern and sustainable techniques. After all, the annual expenses for public lighting in Western Europe have a deep impact on the overall public budget of the corresponding Communes and Cities”, say Franz Witthalm and Georg Eder, LEDworx® Management. "Therefore the persons in charge of Cities and Communes are urged to create alternatives for keeping the cost-efficiency ratio at a high level.“To show the technical and economical possibilities of LED-Street Lighting not only in new applications but also in retrofitting historic luminaries, LEDworx® was able to proof the cost-effectiveness and technical feasibility by developing an LED-installation kit used in the "Maiglöckchen“ Streetlight. With a connected wattage of 25 to 30 Watt the installation kit replaces a conventional standard lamp with 70 Watt, obtaining the same light output. The light output and the colour temperature can easily be adjusted to the necessary lighting situation. The retrofitting of existing streetlights like the “Maiglöckchen” Light is not just ecologically reasonable but also reduces the costs of power consumption and maintenance expenses up to 50%.In times of global climate change and the inevitable reduction of CO2 emissions, the change from conventional lamps to LED especially concerning the public lighting sector is not just a possibility but a necessity.

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