CoolLED unveils Dual Adapt light source adaptor for microscopes

Feb. 16, 2009
Date Announced: 16 Feb 2009 CoolLED is pleased to announce the launch of its new Dual-Adapt light source adaptor for microscopes. This adaptor allows two light sources to be fitted simultaneously to the epi-fluorescence port of a microscope. Users can attach CoolLED’s LED light source at the same time as a conventional mercury or metal-halide source. A simple mechanical switch moves a mirror to select the desired light source without having to make any physical changes to the microscope set-up. It is quick and convenient.A particularly attractive feature of the Dual-Adapt is that two of CoolLED’s LED sources can be fitted at the same time. By replacing the switchable mirror with a dichroic filter, it is possible to have eight (8) LED excitation wavelengths fitted to the microscope at the same time.Dual-Adapt has been developed in response to requests by fluorescence microscopists to be able to enjoy the enhanced performance of an LED source while retaining the broad-spectrum convenience of a conventional high-pressure gas discharge lamp.Excitation by LEDs offers better control, integration under imaging software, and the benefits of long lifetime LEDs with very low running costs. With LEDs, there is no need to replace, align and eventually dispose of mercury-based bulbs. CoolLED’s LED sources are flexible and modular systems which use interchangeable LAMs (LED Array Modules) to provide excitation across the UV, visible and NIR spectra. Integration is established with many of the imaging software packages from leading microscope and imaging companies. Jim Beacher, Business Manager for CoolLED, stated, "The addition of Dual-Adapt to our growing range of LED products is of great value to our users. It adds convenience to performance for the microscope user. LEDs are the future for fluorescence excitation. CoolLED offers the most capable and intense systems available”.CoolLED is a specialist UK manufacturer based in Andover, Hampshire. It provides products and solutions using opto-mechanical assemblies based on advanced LED technology.

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