Elation’s IP65-rated design panel 72IP MKII color wash shines with 3W LEDs

Feb. 13, 2009
Date Announced: 13 Feb 2009 LOS ANGELES – No matter what the weather, Elation Professional’s Design Panel 72IP MKII outdoor LED color wash won’t be a washout. A high-output DMX-compatible RGB-mixing LED panel, the Design Panel 72IP MKII is rated at IP 65, allowing it to withstand rain and dust, making it ideal for adding changing colors to building exteriors, landscaping, outdoor concerts, or any application subject to Mother Nature’s whims.The brightest IP-rated color wash panel offered by Elation to date, the Design Panel 72IP MKII is also great for indoor architectural and entertainment use, thanks to its brawny output, energy efficiency and low maintenance requirements. It owes its amazing brilliance to 72 high-power Luxeon K2 LEDs – 24 red, 24 green and 24 blue – each a mighty 3 watts. This powerful output, along with the Design Panel 72IP MKII’s flicker-free and silent operation, make it perfect for video and film production too.Using a DMX controller, operators can create millions of colors via linear RGB color-mixing. Or they can run the panel without a controller in standalone mode, selecting from built-in color macros or one of its 8 internal 48-scene programs. Multiple panels can be linked Master-Slave, with up to 16 units daisy-chained together for color washing really large areas.“Users of outdoor lighting are demanding greater brightness,” said Eric Loader, Director of Sales for Elation Professional. “With its 3W LEDs, the Design Panel 72IP MKII is the highest output IP-rated LED color wash we have ever developed and one of the brightest you’ll find anywhere. Its IP 65 rating makes it impervious to wet outdoor conditions. And its many design features, along with user benefits such as low energy draw, make it a great solution for a wide range of color wash applications, indoors or out.” Featuring a 38.5°x53° beam angle, the Design Panel 72IP MKII includes 0-100% electronic dimming, with both linear and standard dimming options, for ultra-smooth color fades. Onboard programs are included which can be adjusted by the user as well as a built-in DMX record function onboard, where units can run stored programs created by an external DMX controller. Units can also be operated in a master/slave function. Dimming, strobing and color effects can be operated manually or via DMX. For operator convenience, the Design Panel 72IP MKII can be run in four DMX modes – 3, 4, 6 or 15 channels – depending on which features the user wishes to control.For all its intense brightness, the Design Panel 72IP MKII uses very little electricity, consuming just 250W with all LEDs at full use. In addition to being very energy efficient, its LED lamps are virtually maintenance-free, rated at 100,000 hours, and they generate minimal heat.To ensure complete protection from the elements, the Design Panel 72IP MKII comes with IP 65-rated power and DMX connectors. It includes a built-in 100V-240V switching power supply – a 277v operation unit is also available on special order. The panel has a versatile mounting bracket assembly that gives users the option of either standing it on a flat surface or hanging it on truss via a clamp in any safe position. The Design Panel 72IP MKII weighs 26.5 lbs., and measures 14.8” x 13.4” x 7.8” with its bracket up. It has an MSRP of $2,999.95.

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