QD Vision announces improvements in Quantum Light platform

Feb. 11, 2009
Date Announced: 11 Feb 2009 -- QD Vision Announces Quantum Light Platform Achieves Significant Improvements in Efficiency and Lifetime ThresholdsQD Vision, developer of nanotechnology-based solutions for displays and lighting, announced it has achieved significant improvements in brightness, efficiency and lifetime thresholds for its Quantum Light product platform, advancing its quest to make quantum-dot-based light-emitting devices (QLEDs) deliver best-in-class performance among display technologies. The company announced that red QLEDs fabricated in its device laboratory have achieved external quantum efficiencies (EQEs) greater than 7% and demonstrated the highest reported brightness "more than 25,000 nits" for a quantum-dot LED. The company said its red devices (with a CIE x, y coordinate of 0.68, 0.32) achieved luminance efficiency of 3-4 cd/A at high brightness values ranging from 1,000-10,000 nits, with device lifetimes ranging from hundreds to thousands of hours at 100 nits. The company announced its yellow QLEDs demonstrated a peak brightness of more than 41,000 nits, a peak luminance efficiency of 13 cd/A (at 1500 nits) and a peak luminous power efficiency of 14 lm/W (at 300 nits) at a CIE x,y color point of (0.58, 0.42); all three peak luminance and efficiency values are the highest ever reported for any type of QLED. The company also announced significant progress in delivering Cadmium-free QLEDs, achieving EQEs greater than 3%. "QD Vision's Quantum-Light" platform is approaching luminance, power, lifetime and other performance thresholds required by a broad range of commercial lighting and display systems, bringing us a giant step closer to delivering the benefits of QLEDs to consumer and industrial markets," said Dr. Dan Button, President and CEO of QD Vision. "By lowering power consumption while dramatically improving lighting performance in nearly any system configuration or format, QD Vision's quantum-dot technology has the potential to dramatically improve any lighting or display application where color, power and design matter." According to Dr. Seth Coe-Sullivan, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of QD Vision, the company has improved overall performance of its Quantum Light" QLEDs by 2x in efficiency and over an order of magnitude in stability over the past 18 months. "In addition to best-in-class color tuning and saturation, the Quantum Light" platform is delivering the best efficiency at high brightness values we have ever seen reported worldwide," Coe-Sullivan said. The company's success in improving performance of Cadmium-free quantum-dot-based LEDs also demonstrates its progress toward delivering green-tech solutions for commercial applications. "In addition to enabling solid-state lighting solutions that dramatically reduce power consumption, QD Vision's Quantum-Light platform is being designed to address global environmental needs," Button said. "QD Vision's goal is to deliver the next generation of lighting and display products by taking advantage of the substantial performance advantages made possible by quantum-dot technologies," Coe-Sullivan said. "With our Quantum Light platform, we are starting to see performance levels that will enable entirely new lighting and display applications that overcome the trade-offs of current LED and OLED technologies that span color, power efficiency and cost."

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