Flex your design muscles with LED linear lighting strips from Jesco LED

Feb. 25, 2009
Date Announced: 25 Feb 2009 New Product Introduction: Flex-Up — flexible, low-voltage linear light strips, employing high-performance single-color (red, yellow, green, blue, and three whites (color temperature 3000K, 4000K, and 6000K), and multi-color color-changing RGB.Design: Jesco LED In-House Product Design and Engineering Team.Manufacturer: Jesco LED Lighting Solutions, a division of Jesco Lighting Group Product Applications: Compact, lightweight, flexible Flex-Up is ideal for providing inconspicuous, ultra long-life, low energy task, accent and display lighting for commercial, institutional and high-end residential applications. Flex-Up readily fits under cabinets, in coves, cornices, vertical and horizontal standard or custom display cases; around baseboards and ceiling moldings; on shelves, staircases, railings, columns and merchandise display headers. The Flex-Up system readily adapts for use in upscale retail, hospitality installations, building lobbies and reception rooms, product showrooms, upscale residential foyers, kitchens, baths, bedrooms, family rooms and studies.Low heat generation from small-scale LED lighting strips makes Flex-Up ideal for space-restricted applications and heat-sensitive product displays or areas. Low power draw and exceptionally long 50,000- to 100,000-hour operating life makes Flex-Up well-suited for virtually any indoor application where extreme energy efficiency, lighting performance, installation flexibility, and little or no routine maintenance, are sought-after benefits.Flex-Up may be specified in 30-ft. lengths, with thirty plug-in sections per reel, as a continuous run. Eighteen LEDs per 11.75-inch section, 540 per 30-ft. roll. Field cuttable and replacement for existing incandescent strip-lighting installations.Product Description: Flex-Up represents the state-of-the-electronic art in LED flexibility. Its special-design flexible LED circuit board is 1/8-inch containing LED lamps every 5/8-inch on Light output on the RGB model can be programmed to match Pantone© PMS colors, for lighting sophistication. The LED single-color model may be dimmable. Stable voltage and constant current technology for the LED Drivers ensure consistent illumination levels. Mounting channels have clear dust covers or opaque lensing options. Light strips mount end to end for bendable patterns or continuous rows.Construction & Finishes: Flex-Up is constructed from durable, high-temperature, non-yellowing extruded circuit boards and mounting channels. Flex-Up meets UL and CUL and CE standards; has an IP44-Class II rating, and is lead free.

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