Nuventix announces new family of SynJet® thermal solutions for LED lighting industry

Feb. 20, 2009
Date Announced: 20 Feb 2009 -- New Synthetic Jet Coolers Broaden Current Offerings and Opens New Markets, Optimal for all Recessed, Track and Spot Light Applications Santa Clara, CA –– From Strategies in Light 2009, Nuventix unveiled three new active cooling solutions for the solid state lighting industry: the SynJet PAR20 LED Cooler, SynJet 3-inch LED Cooler and SynJet PAR30 LED Cooler. All three of these patented, quiet, adaptable and extremely reliable active thermal management solutions house Nuventix’ SynJet technology as well as standard heat sinks to effectively and uniquely cool LED lighting solutions. Specifically designed to provide active cooling, the PAR20, 3-inch and PAR30 modules allow maximum lumen output for long life, provide excellent thermal management, lower energy consumption and give designers flexibility in form factor. “Over the last year the LED lighting industry has embraced SynJet active cooling solutions for use in high brightness LED lighting designs,” said Jim Balthazar, president and CEO, Nuventix. “We are excited to expand our product portfolio with this family of SynJet coolers which will further accelerate the use of LEDs for general illumination purposes.”These new cooling modules will initially enable LED track lighting solutions for Nuventix customers. Next, the new family of SynJet coolers will be expanded to provide active cooling for recessed LED lighting solutions. Each of the new modules will enable different wattages of light at three different settings (High Power, Standard, and Silent) with specific power, cooling and acoustical outputs for individual use case implementation, ranging from 16 to 45 watts (equivalent to 50 to 300 watt incandescent light). For example, the SynJet PAR20 LED cooler with the High Power setting will enable the highest lumen power PAR20 applications can have; the Standard setting will offer an optimal blend of high power and low acoustics; and the Silent setting will offer the lowest acoustic output possible while still providing twice the power of a passively cooled solution. Nuventix’ patented synthetic jet cooling approach solves active thermal management problems in a completely new way, providing the most reliable, effective and flexible cooling solutions for product designers across a variety of industries, including high power LED lighting, telecommunications and consumer electronics. SynJet cooling solutions enable new electronic designs by allowing designers to focus on functionality, not thermals. How SynJet Helps the LED IndustryThe LED market, stand-alone lighting as well as for use in LCDs, is proliferating at the rate of 15-20% per year and is expected to reach $7 billion this year. This growth will be attained through new uses of LEDs, many of which will require active cooling. SynJet modules are the most efficient active cooling option for manufacturers of LEDs because their reliability matches – and exceeds – that of the LEDs themselves. SynJet modules also provide spot cooling in form factors which fit those of LEDs. At Strategies in Light 2009 To see SynJet technology in action, stop by booth #410 at Strategies in Light 2009 taking place in Santa Clara, CA, February 18 – 20, 2009. About NuventixNuventix is revolutionizing thermal management of consumer electronics, LED lighting, medical, telecommunications, automotive and other electronics with patented, highly adaptable, quiet and reliable cooling devices that efficiently – and directly – dissipate heat from any surface. The patented SynJet technology enables the most reliable and flexible air cooling solutions available today. The Austin, TX-based company is venture-backed and led by an experienced team of senior executives with a breadth of experience building and leading thermal and startup companies to success. More information can be found at

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