The LED revolution begins at home

Feb. 2, 2009
Date Announced: 02 Feb 2009 Soon to be outlawed incandescent light bulbs and questions over the safety of energy saving light bulbs, pave the way for domestic LED lighting to become common place. LED lighting has sadly been passed over in favour of ‘curly’ compact fluorescent light bulbs as an alternative to the power hungry incandescent light bulb. In the light of recent concerns over the safe disposal of these bulbs the LED looks as though it may get a second chance.LED technology has advanced rapidly from the tiny lights we see consuming power in ‘standby’ mode on televisions and other electronic devices. The latest high power LED light sources are much brighter and infinitely more efficient than their predecessors making them a real alternative to replace domestic light bulbs. High power LED’s have an average working life span of 50,000 hours, that is over 10 years for most applications, making up for the initial cost which is slightly higher than other bulb types.As world wide energy resources dwindle and power costs continue to increase the case for alternative, energy efficient lighting has never been stronger.Joliet Technology LED lighting products include high power LED street lighting, LED light bulbs, LED flood lights, LED tube lamps and LED commercial space lighting products.Joliet Technology is a leading supplier of LED technology and energy saving LED based lighting products operating from headquarters in Northern Spain with offices in France, and the United Kingdom.The company’s general philosophy is to provide end users with well designed, user friendly equipment that can be easily installed and requires little or no maintenance. Above all the management believes that energy saving products should offer customers a real alternative to conventional lighting sources without attracting a premium cost.Extensive information and assistance in choosing the most appropriate LED light is available at

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