iLight prevails in patent infringement lawsuit

May 7, 2009
Date Announced: 07 May 2009 Chicago, IL –– iLight Technologies, Inc. (, a leader in innovative LED lighting solutions, is pleased to announce that on April 30, 2009, a jury in Federal Court unanimously found that Fallon Luminous Products Corporation willfully infringed multiple claims in three iLight patents. The jury also unanimously confirmed that those claims of iLight’s patents were not invalid, as Fallon had contended.The jury concluded that iLight was entitled to a multi-million dollar award of compensatory damages. As a result of the jury’s finding of willful infringement by Fallon, the judge increased the amount of damages awarded by the jury by $1 million. The Court issued an injunction order prohibiting Fallon and all acting in concert with Fallon from using, manufacturing, importing, or selling any of Fallon’s infringing LED products.In this case, iLight Technologies sued Fallon for infringing three iLight patents directed to certain ways of simulating cold cathode or neon lighting using, among other things, light emitting diodes (LEDs). iLight’s patented technology enables an illumination product to have both the extensive benefits of LEDs (low energy usage, long life, durability, etc.), and the very visually striking appearance of cold cathode or neon lighting. This patented lighting technology has become particularly important as the world moves away from older lighting systems to state-of-the-art solid state lighting systems in order to obtain the advantages that this newer, environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient lighting technology offers.“Since its inception, iLight has invested significant resources in developing and delivering unique and leading-edge LED lighting technologies for our customers,” stated Mark Cleaver, Founder and Chairman. “While Fallon argued that it used a different lighting approach in its LED signage products from that disclosed and claimed in iLight’s patents, the jury unanimously agreed that Fallon’s lighting approach infringed iLight’s patents. The jury’s decision affirmed our belief in the considerable breadth of iLight’s patented illumination technology.”“iLight is extremely pleased with the outcome of this case. The positive ruling from the jury on the issues of validity and infringement, combined with the monetary damages awarded and the Court-imposed injunction prohibiting further sales by Fallon of its infringing LED products, highlights the overall strength and value of iLight’s intellectual property,” said Sean Callahan, President and CEO of iLight. “It is difficult for us to imagine an LED technology of high quality that offers very desirable, bright, and even illumination similar to cold cathode or neon without using iLight’s proprietary technology.”About iLight Technologies, Inc.iLight Technologies, Inc. is a leader in innovative LED illumination solutions that transform, excite, and energize corporate identities and architectural environments worldwide. iLight’s award-winning products blend the benefits of LEDs with patented application systems that create lighting products that have high brightness with a smooth even glow. The company currently holds fifty-three patents, including several for its Plexineon technology, and has thirty-seven additional U.S and international patent applications pending for other LED lighting systems beyond linear lighting. iLight Technologies was founded in 2000, is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and has manufacturing facilities in Cookeville, Tennessee.

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