Heatsinks for LED applications introduced by Advanced Thermal Solutions

May 21, 2009
Date Announced: 21 May 2009 Advanced Thermal Solutions has recently introduced several heatsink lines for LED appications. ATS is a "one-stop shop" for anything regarding the Thermal Management of Electronics. ATS was founded in 1989 by Dr. Kaveh Azar of Bell Labs. Our customer list in the LED industry includes Intematix, Philips, OSRAM, Applied Materials and other industry leaders.ATS offers:1) Heatsinks: Both custom-designs and OTS.2) Thermal Engineering: This includes simulations, optimizations, empirical testing, training webinars, etc..3) Thermal Instruments: This includes Hot-Wire Anemomters for measuring airflow, Windtunnels, etc..ATS has in-house manufacturing capabilities for quick turn-around on prototypes and pilot runs. For large orders, we use overseas manufacturing partners to keep our pricing competitive.

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