CeramCool Submounts from CeramTec AG for improving existing LED systems

May 26, 2009
Date Announced: 26 May 2009 Ceramics can greatly improve both new and existing LED systems. Using a ceramic CeramCool Submount, the PCB between LEDs and metallic heat sink can be replaced with ease, considerably reducing the total thermal re-sistance of the system (Rtt). This offers important advantages such as very good thermal conductivity while delivering perfect electrical insulation and high temperature stability. Whether CeramCool Submount or complete CeramCool circuit board – CeramCool is absolutely corrosion resistant, which eliminates galvanic corrosion especially outside.The photo shows CeramCool Submounts e.g. for 3 x 1 W Rebel and 6 x 1 W Rebel.

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