Nuventix launches compact SynJet cooler for Philips Fortimo and Lexel LED downlight module

May 4, 2009
Date Announced: 04 May 2009 It’s the Smallest LED Thermal Solution for Philips 2000 Lumen Downlight Module Allowing for Installation Through a <140mm Diameter Opening Nuventix, Inc., innovator of SynJet® active thermal management solutions, announces the general availability of the SynJet Universal DLM cooler for the Philips Fortimo/Lexel LED Downlight Module. This Nuventix active cooling product is the most compact and low profile luminaire available in the market today. SynJets are the most reliable, adaptable and quiet thermal management solutions for the solid state lighting industry. “We are excited to see this next product in the family as the Universal DLM will open up new market opportunities for our designs.”The Nuventix DLM Cooler is being used by customers such as Philips Omega, NeonFrance, SunLux, Eurdekian and Zumtobel to enable compact, customized cooling solutions that overcome the thermal challenges in luminaire design when using high-lumen output LED modules for general lighting. The Universal DLM Cooler is specially designed to provide active cooling for a downlight module and will be on display in finished luminaires at LightFair 2009 in New York. “SynJet products from Nuventix are becoming the accepted method of LED cooling to maximize lumen output while providing optimal life of the luminaire,” said Jim Balthazar, president and CEO, Nuventix. “By solving thermal management obstacles, one of the biggest challenges in LED lighting design, the designer can focus on getting a production luminaire to market quickly.” The SynJet Universal DLM Cooler is lightweight and small size, one-third the size of a passive cooling solution, which allows for an easier design – in turn, creating the ability to address a much larger segment of the market. The new luminaire design offers flexibility for installations that require both height limited areas and spots requiring small rough-in holes, without sacrificing high brightness. The unique circular shape can fit into a 140 mm hole while needing <90mm of height for the cooler and SynJet combination. “Philips Omega has utilized the Nuventix SynJet fanless cooler for the higher lumen packages to reduce the size of the aluminum heat sink,” said Brian McMillin, product manager at Philips Omega. “Nuventix’s revolutionary solution provides for unmatched reliability for LED chip cooling.” Customers looking to develop new applications that require smaller and more elegant designs including commercial and retail spaces, conference halls, museums and libraries will benefit from the Universal DLM Cooler. “We’ve designed products using the SynJet Low Profile DLM Cooler and it delivered as promised – small, reliable, quiet, and flexible,” said Alexis Le Moing, Commercial Départment Luminaires, NeonFrance. “We are excited to see this next product in the family as the Universal DLM will open up new market opportunities for our designs.” LightFair 2009 Nuventix will be showing its SynJet Universal DLM Cooler and shining a light on its customers at LightFair 2009 in New York City this week. Stop by booth #32 60 if you’d like a demonstration of SynJet technology in action. About Nuventix Nuventix is revolutionizing active thermal management of consumer electronics, high power LED lighting, medical, telecommunications and automotive with patented, highly adaptable, quiet and reliable cooling devices that efficiently – and directly – dissipate heat from any surface. The patented SynJet active cooling technology enables the most reliable and flexible spot cooling solutions available today. The Austin, TX-based company is venture-backed and led by an experienced team of senior executives with a breadth of experience building and leading thermal and startup companies to success.

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