EcoTek Lighting Tri-Vu Day-Part LED menu boards deliver 3x the graphics area

May 14, 2009
Date Announced: 14 May 2009 EcoTek Lighting, a division of Expotrans, Inc., announced the development of the innovative Tri-Vu Day-Part Indoor Menu Board with DLB (Direct LED Backlighting) technology. The Day-Part graphics sections of the Tri-Vu LED Menu Board provide three times the graphics area of standard menu boards. Each Tri-Vu Menu Board section offers three different graphic panels that can be easily rotated to display the desired menu. The Tri-Vu Day-Part Indoor LED Menu Board features:• Energy efficient LED illumination• Highest levels of luminosity for easy viewing• Even illumination across graphics display area• Rustproof and durable welded aluminum extrusions • Unique graphics change-out with no doors to open• Architectural powder-coated surfaces with a five year warranty on finishes• Optional Dimming Control• Meets Federal Energy Efficiency and Green Manufacturing standards Tri-Vu Indoor Menu Boards with DLB technology deliver extraordinary illumination levels and cutting edge energy efficiency by incorporating powerful LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology. The LED is a solid-state light engine that requires no filaments or glass. LEDs last from 50,000 to 100,000 hours, compared to fluorescent lamps that only last from 8,000 to 20,000 hours. LED menu boards provide 55% greater energy efficiency than fluorescent menu boards and enable users to qualify for energy and tax rebates. These state-of-the-art Menu Boards meet Federal standards for Energy Efficiency and Green Manufacturing Regulations, including LEED compliance, UL, CUL and CE listings, and European RoHS Standards. They are fully recyclable at end-of-life, and contain no heavy metals or other hazardous components.In addition, EcoTek Lighting has developed a patented dimming sensor that enables the Tri-Vu Indoor LED Menu Board to lower energy costs by automatically dimming the menu board’s LED illumination when appropriate. The light level of the LED menu board can be efficiently increased or decreased in proportion to the amount of natural light present, resulting in a constant illumination level in the controlled space. EcoTek Lighting’s patented dimming sensors allow the Tri-Vu Day-Part LED Indoor Menu Board to be dimmed automatically at night when less ambient light is detected, increasing the LED’s life span and reducing energy costs.“EcoTek Lighting’s LED-based menu boards deliver industry standard levels of illumination, while providing more than twice the energy efficiency of current menu boards on the market using T-8 fluorescent lamps,” said Rick Farrell, president of EcoTek Lighting. “In addition, the unique design of our Tri-Vu Day-Part LED Indoor Menu Board increases restaurant productivity and efficiency by providing three times the graphics area of standard menu boards.”ECOTEK LIGHTINGEcoTek Lighting, a division of Expotrans, is the leading provider of high performance light boxes, menu boards, poster frames and custom illuminated displays in the industry. Since 1984, we have set the standard for exceptional design, R&D, engineering, manufacturing and customer service. Our innovative LED backlit displays yield brilliant luminosity and deliver twice the energy efficiency of displays using T-8 fluorescent lamps. Ecotek Lighting’s products are 99% recyclable, UL, CUL and CE-listed and meet LEED, GreenGuard and Energy Star standards for energy efficiency. We design, engineer, manufacture and test each of our products in our state-of-the-art plant in Lake Forest, California that uses “Green” manufacturing processes. For more information on all EcoTek Lighting products and services, call 800-733-6661, email us at [email protected], or access our website at

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