Digital billboards: new report explores short term and long term viability

May 1, 2009
Date Announced: 01 May 2009 EDG Research is pleased to announce the release of its most recent Market Intelligence report - "Large Area Displays & Information Systems- LAD&IS." New to this year's report is a special section which presents the results of a preliminary survey conducted with selected Digital Billboard advertisers nationwide that presents the short term and long term viability of this advertising medium. These results present specific data on the advertisers' direct experience on points such as: evaluating the effectiveness, are the real-time capabilities really being utilized and at what point will they continue to support this advertising medium. These initial findings are part of an on-going independent study EDG is performing through out the remainder of this year on the effectiveness of Digital Billboards and the impact on the Large Area Display Industry.This edition of EDG's LAD&IS report, the 13th edition in 26 years, brings more than an overview of the world market. It brings added insight of the industry's important business and market dynamics for which EDG Research has become known. The industry is experiencing a major shift and it is important to understand both the opportunities and threats in the years ahead.The Large Area Display Industry has emerged from its record growth in 2006-2007 led by Digital Billboards, Media Architecture and Digital Signage. Marked by the many challenges such as market declines, manufacturing shifts and technology pricing, specifically LED and LCD/Plasma based electronic displays, this report provides focused information specific to these changes. Updated technology and application analysis as well as the major developments worldwide are also presented.Current sales conditions plus 5 year forecasts are presented along with detailed data on number of units and square meters. Market models that reflect what direction the main end-user sectors of this Industry is included to present an entire status of the Industry.This market intelligence report is available now and for further information, please see our webpage for specifics or contact us for any additional inquiries. EDG Research was founded in 1982 and has been a recognized leader in providing market research, market intelligence annual reports exclusively on the large area electronic display and information systems Industry over the years.

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