Color Kinetics co-founder George Mueller launches EcoSense Lighting at Lightfair 2009

May 5, 2009
Date Announced: 05 May 2009 Introducing EcoSense™ Lighting: A New Generation of Economical, Environmentally Responsible Lighting Solutions for Commercial and Residential ApplicationsNEW YORK – May 4, 2009 – EcoSense Lighting, Inc., the new lighting company from the co-founder of solid-state illumination pioneer Color Kinetics, makes its industry debut during the Lightfair International 2009 Tradeshow and Conference May 5-8 in New York City. During the show, EcoSense Founder and Chairman George Mueller and other company principals will reveal the first series of EcoSense specifier-grade white light products – including PAR, MR and Cove form factors – at the Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers Carnegie Suite West.EcoSense products are designed to be brighter, more efficient, and to cost less than similar LED-based products on the market today. Made to replace conventional light sources in existing housing, EcoSense lamps and fixtures utilize LEDs to eliminate many of the challenges of traditional lighting — such as excessive heat, UV emissions, and insufficient bulb life. What’s more, they pay for themselves in energy savings and replacement costs in the first year and provide substantial additional savings over their 50,000 hour usage life.George Mueller is a seasoned entrepreneur who has already established several successful ventures in his career. He is the author of over 50 technology patents in the solid-state lighting field and beyond. With the creation of Color Kinetics in 1996, Mueller helped propel the widespread cross-market adoption of LEDs as an illumination source, ushering in a new era of digital lighting that continues to thrive. While Color Kinetics made its name with intelligently controlled LED fixtures for the colored lighting market, EcoSense will concentrate on the specifier-grade white light LED market, which is projected by Yole Development to surpass $10 billion by the year 2012. One catalyst for these substantial growth projections is the turn toward environmentally responsible living. “Specifiers recognize that with the significant energy savings offered by LED light sources, their projects can actually contribute to a more earth-friendly, green lifestyle,” notes Mueller. “Our goal with EcoSense is to help make LED lighting the global professional standard, with high-quality, affordable, and simple-to-use products for both the commercial and residential markets.” Joining Mueller to lead the organization is a group of lighting industry experts with demonstrated success in the development and best-practice application of solid-state illumination technology. Combined, Mueller and his management team bring nearly a century of lighting and LED industry experience to EcoSense: • Joe Zamore, Vice President, Product: An award-winning lighting designer and product development specialist with over 34 years of industry experience, Mr. Zamore is responsible for the overall direction and development of the EcoSense product portfolio. In addition to building his own successful lighting design firm, Mr. Zamore has helped drive product direction for Martin and other major lighting manufacturers. • Kevin Jennison, Senior Specification Manager: With nearly 20 years of industry knowledge and a passion for solid-state lighting, Mr. Jennison will help specifiers and designers achieve their project goals using EcoSense products and technologies. Over the last decade, Mr. Jennison has evangelized the benefits of LEDs among the New York specifier community with Color Kinetics, and was instrumental in the conception and execution of several milestone solid-state lighting installations in the city.• Tim Snyder, Senior Regional Sales Manager: Responsible for directing the company’s North American sales efforts, Mr. Snyder comes to EcoSense with 25 years of industry expertise, most recently focused on product development and control systems for solid-state lighting. Prior to joining EcoSense, Mr. Snyder held positions with lighting manufacturers including Leviton, ColorTran, and Color Kinetics.During Lightfair, industry professionals are invited to preview the EcoBasic and EcoPro series of lamps and fixtures – including PAR30, MR-16, and Cove products – in the Carnegie Suite West of the Sheraton Hotel and Towers located at 811 7th Avenue in New York City.About EcoSense EcoSense Lighting provides best-in-class solid-state lighting solutions for use in commercial and residential applications. Founded by industry innovators who have been working with solid-state lighting since its inception, the company offers a comprehensive line of LED-based lamps and fixtures that offer substantial benefits over traditional lighting sources. Established in 2008, the company is privately held and has offices in Hong Kong and New York City.

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