Macroblock announces 8-channel and 4-channel constant current LED drivers

May 15, 2009
Date Announced: 15 May 2009 Hsinchu, Taiwan - Macroblock has announced its newly-developed 8-channel and 4-channel constant current LED drivers –MBI1828 and MBI1824, for the application of LCD monitor and high brightness LEDs. Since LED contains no mercury and provides highly directional light source, it is suitable for backlighting applications to provide high brightness. By high voltage process technology, MBI1828 and MBI1824 are designed to light up cascaded LEDs in single channel with high luminance. With precise output current control, MBI1828 and MBI1824 deliver high uniformity of LEDs with the maximum output current variations between channels (also called “channel skew”) ±3% and between drivers (also called “chip skew”) ±6% respectively.MBI1828 especially features the cooperation with DC/DC controller by feedback scheme. When this scheme detects that the minimum voltage in any single channel is lower than the required value to maintain constant current, it will force the DC/DC controller to boost the voltage until reaching the preset value. This design eliminates the difference of LED forward voltage as well as achieves constant current in each channel. Besides above feature, MBI1828 provides open-circuit detection and thermal flag to protect IC from overheated.MBI1828 and MBI1824 are both designed with dimming control by PWM signal to adjust the brightness from 0% to 100%. By external resistor, MBI1828 and MBI1824 can adjust the current in each channel from 5mA to 60mA and from 10mA to 120mA respectively. MBI1828 and MBI1824 are new products in Macroblock All-Ways-OnTM lighting and backlighting solutions. With output current ranging from 60mA to 360mA, All-Ways-OnTM series offer a broad line of applications in general illumination and LCD backlighting.

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