Google honors Earth Day, gives Lemnis LED light bulbs to employees

April 24, 2009
Date Announced: 24 Apr 2009 After Google employees were given LED lamps from Lemnis (see Lemnis press release, below), one employee made a very interesting comparison of the bulbs with an incandescent lamps and two CFLs. James Morrison's blog entry says that the author is "pretty pleased with the LEDs. They’re not as efficient as I had hoped, but they do have advantages over CFLs like better color, much longer life, and lack of mercury."+++ press release from Lemnis Lighting +++Lemnis Lighting, a leader in LED lighting, today announced that Google Inc. has selected the Pharox LED light bulb as a gift for Google employees as part of its "Going Green at Google" initiative.This green benefit will enable Google employees around the world to create greater sustainability at home as well as the office."Google supports innovative and responsible environmental practices across our company, including helping our employees stay green," said Lacy Caruthers, a member of Google's Green Business Operations team. "Lemnis Lighting's Pharox LED bulb is modern and earth-friendly and we're excited for Google employees to try it out." The Pharox looks like a stylish update to the traditional incandescent bulb, yet uses 80% less energy. The bulb produces a soft, warm light without getting hot, and works with any standard lamp or lighting fixture. The Pharox uses only five watts of energy and lasts up to 34 years - that's up to 34 times longer than an incandescent bulb and up to eight times longer than a CFL bulb. Unlike CFL bulbs, the Pharox LED bulb provides instant light, contains no mercury and is entirely recyclable. "At Lemnis Lighting, we are committed to devising solutions that enhance the quality of life while reducing the carbon footprint of everyday living," said Frans Otten, chairman of Lemnis Lighting. "To provide a sense of the impact Pharox LED bulbs can have, consider this: if every American household switched four 40W light bulbs to Pharox LED bulbs, the United States would save $113 billion in energy costs over the lifetime of the Pharox bulbs." About Google Google's innovative search technologies connect millions of people around the world with information every day. Founded in 1998 by Stanford Ph.D. students Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google today is a top web property in all major global markets. Google's targeted advertising program provides businesses of all sizes with measurable results, while enhancing the overall web experience for users. Google is headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. About Lemnis Lighting Lemnis Lighting, a subsidiary of Tendris Holding, was founded in 2005 to address the need for energy efficient lighting based on LED technology. Lemnis has successfully launched the Pharox, an LED bulb with a lifetime of up to 34 years. The 5W Pharox replaces a traditional 40W bulb. Lemnis has also developed new LED technology for energy efficient LED street lighting. The Lemnis streetlights are currently in use in cities throughout the Netherlands and around the world including London, and Mumbai. In addition, Lemnis offers greenhouse lighting and has installed the largest LED greenhouse worldwide, including multi-layer growing. Lemnis has been recognized by the World Economic Forum as a Technology pioneer.

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