Affineon Lighting launches decorative series LED downlight

April 9, 2009
Date Announced: 09 Apr 2009 February 9, 2009 - Coral Springs, Florida. Affineon Lighting, a privately held company that manufactures and develops LED lighting products for architectural and commercial applications, announced today the launch of its Decorative Series LED Down Light. The new Decorative Series are a family of robust designer fixtures with a powder coated, brushed aluminum, anodized finish and are targeted for retail, restaurant, office interiors and churches, as well as high ceiling atrium applications for commercial and warehouse interiors.“We’re continuing to push the envelope with sustainable lighting products that can provide the solutions required in today’s environmentally aware market,” says Teddy Van Bemmel, Vice President of Affineon. “The DL-1500 fixture produces up to 8,064 Lumens at 86 Watts which means 94 lumens per watt and that is a substantial benchmark for any of today’s LED fixtures.”Affineon Lighting was founded in 2005 to explore the new opportunities presented in high power, solid state LED lighting. Affineon has developed lighting fixtures for several major lighting manufacturers in the US and Europe.Affineon Lighting recognizes that LED solid state lighting represents a paradigm shift in the lighting industry. We have devoted the last four years researching LED technology and developing a wide range of products to produce LED fixtures for key market segments. Our focus is to be the premiere, market driven, product development and manufacturing company in the LED lighting space.

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