Gov. Corzine praises Lighting Science Group's efforts to stimulate New Jersey's green economy

April 22, 2009
Date Announced: 22 Apr 2009 WESTAMPTON - Lauding the company’s commitment to spur innovation and investment of New Jersey’s green economy, Governor Jon S. Corzine today visited Lighting Science Group, a leading global provider of environmentally- friendly LED lighting solutions. The company moved its headquarters to Westampton at the beginning of 2009.“The story of Lighting Science Group, without a doubt, is one that is made for New Jersey,” Governor Corzine said. “It was 130 years ago this year that Thomas Edison successfully tested and filed for a patent on the light bulb, a discovery that forever changed the way we go about our daily lives and the way we consume energy.“Last year, through the state’s new Energy Master Plan, we committed to reducing energy consumption 20 percent by 2020. I am pleased that Lighting Science Group is advancing technology that will enable us to meet that goal and I thank Govi Rao for his commitment.”The company currently is in the process of repositioning and relocating its lamp lines to New Jersey. Combined with the headquarters move, 23 jobs have been created since January. The company projects at least as many additional jobs could be generated later this year when the remaining lamp lines locate to the Garden State.“Lighting Science is committed to furthering the spirit of innovation that is part of the fabric of New Jersey’s history,” said Chairman and CEO Govi Rao. “ We are proud to bring the next paradigm in lighting to reality just 25 miles away from Menlo Park, New Jersey where the first revolution in lighting took place.”LED (or light-emitting diode) based products provide an energy conserving, sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to other lighting solutions since they are recyclable and do not contain harmful chemicals.The company's patented and patent-pending designs in power management, thermal management, light engines, controls and micro-electronics are engineered to enhance lighting performance, reduce energy consumption, lower maintenance costs and eliminate the use of hazardous materials. “New Jersey is getting greener by encouraging cleaner, renewable energy solutions and sustainable consumer technologies. We are delighted to be a part of this exemplary initiative to build tomorrow’s energy efficient solutions today, and create local jobs at the same time," added Rao.The company is at the forefront of global LED research and product development and designs and manufactures ready-to-use LED lamps and luminaries, as well as provides customized lighting solutions for architectural and artistic projects. Lighting Science currently hold 47 utility and design patents and 32 pending applications.

Lighting Science Group

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