Eyeleds launches a new line of task & accent lighting

April 1, 2009
Date Announced: 01 Apr 2009 Eyeleds® DiscEYE, SpaceEYE & (Mini) BeamEYE Range:Eyeleds extends its range with a new and innovative line of easy to install LED luminaires, intended for the purpose of task and accent lighting. These products can be considered as sustainable, energy-saving alternatives for traditional 10W and 20W halogen lighting fixtures.Their simple but elegant design with a matte anodized aluminum finish, give the products a contemporary look and an aesthetic appeal. These luminaires operate on 8 to 30VDC, which make them perfectly suited for use in vehicles with 12 or 24V batteries, such as yachts, caravans or RUVs. The low profile aluminum housing of the Eyeleds DiscEYE and SpaceEYE is designed for both surface and recess mounting. With an outer diameter of 85 and 110mm, they easily adapt to retrofit existing recessed lighting applications.Easy installation, plug and play design and low heat dissipation make these luminaires the perfect task and accent lighting solution for ceilings, coves, kitchens, showcases and furniture. All products are available in warm white and cool white LED light colors. These new Eyeleds ranges do not only provide illumination in the residential environment but they are also suited for professional applications such as retail outlets, hotels, bars and restaurants.Features & Benefits:- Elegant, miniaturized designs- Suited for recess and surface mounting- Plug and play design and easy to install- Sustainable and energy-efficient 3W or 6W LED engines- Wide range of DC operating voltage (8-30V)- IP60 and IP64 rated and suitable for bathroom use - Different beam angles available for Eyeleds (Mini)Beam- 6500K (Cool) and 3000K (Warm) white LED colors available- Anodized aluminum finishApplications:- General lighting for smaller spaces- Accent lighting and under cabinet lighting- Ceiling and furniture lighting- Lighting for yachts, caravans & RUVs- Lighting for bars, restaurants, shops, display-cases, kitchens and bathrooms- Replacement for 20W halogen recess spotsEyeleds® is a brand of Lighting Science Group Corporation (www.lsgc.com) and is focused on providing LED lighting systems for professional wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications inside and outside the lighting market segment. Eyeleds offers revolutionary, creative and high quality LED lighting options. The innovative easy to install LED lighting concepts are developed in conjunction with leading partners from interior design and lighting industry taking advantage of their application expertise.Headquartered in the Netherlands, Eyeleds distributes products globally through its network of distributors and agencies. The products are currently available in over 70 countries world-wide.

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