Gardasoft Vision has signed worldwide rights to VCubed LED ligths

April 14, 2009
Date Announced: 14 Apr 2009 Gardasoft and VCubed -Two World Leading Product Lines Unite Gardasoft Vision has announced that it has signed the worldwide rights to the VCubed ultrahigh brightness LED Linelight and traffic monitoring lights. The liquid-cooled VLX2 Linelights are many times brighter than conventional air-cooled LED linelights. They are used in linescan applications such as printing, paper, plastic film or web inspection up to 4 metres wide. The limiting factor in many systems is the speed of the inspection system. With these lights the whole system can run much faster. Manufacturers will be able to reduce costs and increase efficiency, often by running fewer production lines but faster. OEMs will be able to increase the sales value of their systems and systems integrators will be able to achieve higher performance and reduce the Return on Investment time. The VCubed VTR series lights are used in intelligent traffic based solutions such as ANPR and can provide illumination up to 50 metres or more. This new product line complements the Gardasoft product range of unique high speed LED lighting controllers which has a strong position within the global machine vision market. UtiliZing the comprehensive Gardasoft distribution network around the world will enable much wider exposure and support for the VCubed range of LED lighting solutions. Gardasoft will manufacture, maintain and develop the current VCubed designs as well as future new developments for high brightness LED line lights and traffic monitoring light technology. Peter Bhagat, CEO of Gardasoft Vision, commented “the VCubed line lights are very impressive. These solutions are needed worldwide by a wide range of industries.”

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