Spotlight presents new ARC ELP 80 with Focon

April 3, 2009
Date Announced: 03 Apr 2009 Spotlight and Focon present a further application of “ARC” the range of motorized Spotlight yokes, which are suitable for most of the professional fixtures for TV and theatre. This new application of ARC represents the first step of this cooperation between Focon, which in this case provides the lighting sources that are three 80W led bars ELP 80 LED Powerstick, and Spotlight which will ensure the engine for the generation of movements.The intelligent Spotlight motorised system allows global Pan over 360°and Tilt for 270° and the move of individual LED bars for + or – 90° with both a fast rotation and a very slow and smooth movement if required. The Focon DMX control of led allows: the selection of a nearly infinite numbers of colours through the 4 basic colour composition (RGBW) and at the same time the independent control of each of the 240 leds of the 3 bars in order to make as well a composition of pictures in movement, through 16 pre-programmed sequences in order to operate as well in a stand alone mode.

Thomas Nell - Export Manager Spotlight [email protected]

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