White and RGB HB chip LEDs from Sharp - bright and efficient

April 16, 2009
Date Announced: 16 Apr 2009 Sharp is expanding its LED Portfolio with small efficient and long lived white and RGB chip LEDs, for numerous applications in the areas of lamps, backlighting and decoration lighting.Hamburg, 16 April 2009 – In addition to the LED Lighting Module „Zenigata“ Sharp is expanding its LED line-up with white and RGB high brightness chip LEDs. It consists of 19 different types of white light LEDs and 11 different types of monochrome and RGB LEDs.Thanks to the light performance of up to 90 lumen per watt depending on the model the LEDs from Sharp are among the leading components in terms of brightness and energy efficiency currently available on the market. In addition, they have an extremely long service life: depending on the type, 40,000 h at a substrate temperature of up to 80°C cause extended maintenance intervals to contribute to low operation costs in addition to the high energy efficiency.The new LED components from Sharp are made for the use in versatile application areas, which require a high amount of brightness with a compact form factor at the same time. This gives designers more freedom and flexibility when creating illumination systems. Besides common applications such as backlighting for LCDs or keypads chip LEDs are used for example for general illumination, surgical spotlights, as status signals for industrial applications and for indoor mood lamps as well.Color temperatures of white light LEDs from Sharp are in the range of 2.200K to 11.500K. Due to different phosphor mixtures the LEDs reach a colour rendering index (CRI) of up to 90 for a highly genuine reproduction of colors and details. They are available with radiation angles of 120° and 130°. The white LEDs generate a light output of up to 6.4 cd at a power consumption of 0.01 to 0.2 W.In any case the white light LED chips are of convincingly compact design, as standard 3228 package with a height of 1.9 mm and 0.9 mm as well as ultra small package of 1.6 x 0.8 mm with a minimum height of 0.2 mm. Since they require only so little space the white LEDs are predestined to replace conventional lamps in commercial applications like shop and decoration lighting. But they will be also used as an illuminant in solar driven and normal streetlights. Flash LEDs as well as Side Shoot LEDs which are used for mobile phones and other portable application will complete the line-up of white light LEDs.In addition Sharp is offering a portfolio of monochrome colour and RGB LEDs. They are also available in different packages and sizes, e.g. as 3228 models for general lighting application as well as side shoot and ultra small LEDs.AvailabilitySamples are already available from Sharp sales offices or distribution partners throughout Europe.

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