Barracuda LED street lights from Advanced LEDs light E.ON car park

April 24, 2009
Date Announced: 24 Apr 2009 Eleven high-pressure sodium fittings - 4 x 150 watt and 7 x 70 watt – at a visitors car park at the UK headquarters of E.ON plc have been replaced with 11 x 70 watt Barracuda LED Street Lights from Advanced LEDs Ltd.The results of the changeover were immediately very obvious. The bright white light emitted from the LEDs has made a marked improvement on the light quality and easier visual recognition for both pedestrians and vehicles, making the environment safer, brighter and lighter.The scheme will significantly save on energy costs and offers impressive 40% reduction in carbon emissions along with reduced light pollution and reduced glare. The optical performance is in line with EN13201 (photometry available).Traditional street lighting uses an estimated 2% of all electricity in the UK, and is responsible for 1,218,590 tonnes of carbon dioxide being emitted into the atmosphere every year. Yet it is estimated that 30 -50% of the energy used by conventional street lights does not end up as useful light.The Barracuda can make a major contribution not only to reducing the operating costs but also in reducing carbon emissions compared to conventional sources. The Barracuda has a service life for street lighting in excess of 30 years.For use on residential roads, amenity areas and feeder roads, the Barracuda is available in 30-90 watt versions with two optical variants:a) 86303 Area lighting Reflector, and b) 86305 Road lighting reflector. A 30-watt solar-powered version is also available.

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