Nualight expands green lighting offering into new markets

April 9, 2009
Date Announced: 09 Apr 2009 Nualight, a specialist in LED illumination for food retail is set to expand further in the UK market after entering a distribution agreement with Hawco to sell its energy saving LED lighting products.Hawco, a refrigeration engineering solutions provider will distribute Nualight’s Vantium product range to major OEMs throughout the UK for integration into merchandising retail display equipment within the food retail, food service and hospitality markets. Nualight’s Vantium product range is specifically designed for freezer, chiller and ambient food retail environments, and has been already been designed into major OEMs globally. By replacing traditional fluorescent lighting with LED lighting, energy consumption is reduced considerably. For example, LED lighting reduces energy consumption in refrigerated glass door displays by more than 60%. As fluorescent light bulbs need to be changed at least twice a year, LED lighting will save on maintenance costs as the product lasts for around five years. The lighting also enhances merchandising displays, offering brighter and better product placement.Dr Liam Kelly, CEO of Nualight, comments: “This agreement enables Nualight to expand its geographic footprint and expand into new market sectors such as food service where the customer requirements are similar to food retail. LED is a modern technology that forward looking retailers are already introducing into their stores ; we believe the days of fluorescents in a food retail environment are over as LED fixtures are now the de facto standard in new case design, the adoption of LED will only be accelerated in the current economic environment. “The intense global competition in the retail and leisure industries and the pressure to sell more means that businesses need to present their products in the best possible way, while keeping costs down. Added to this consumers are looking for firms to show environmental awareness and have green solutions in place. This is why we have developed our Vantium product series to deliver greener, brighter and more cost-effective solutions demanded by retail and leisure industries. Even in today’s difficult economic climate it is imperative for forward-thinking businesses to have green solutions on their strategic agenda.”Gary Bennett, Hawco managing director, comments: “Nualight is an ideal company to partner with as it is the only LED fixture supplier in the world that focuses exclusively on illuminating refrigerated displays in food and retail applications. In addition, the Vantium technology offers our customers an economical alternative to incandescent and florescent lighting due to its long operating life, maintenance-free operation and low-power consumption.”ENDSAbout NualightNualight is the only lighting company in the world that specialises exclusively in providing LED solutions to food retailers. The company understands how to maximise the productivity of LED lighting for retail gain by ensuring displays are high on impact and low on energy. It is a private company funded by strategic retail and utility investors with in excess of 100 years combined experience in retail merchandising and deployment of LED applications. Nualight’s award winning Vantium technology offers an unrivalled combination of illumination options and has the flexibility to suit all case dimensions.About HawcoHawco was established in 1973 and is part of Diploma PLC which specialises in international distribution businesses serving industries with long term growth potential and that have core focus on quality, customer service and technical support. Hawco provides a unique value as a distributor and an engineering service integrator supporting OEMs, contractors and installers. Hawco offers industry leading logistic solutions and products, as well as sales and technical support. Hawco serves more than 7500 active customers within the UK and Europe and deals with an average 3300 transactions every month. Hawco helps customers select, specify and design solutions involving components and complete systems in the automation, controls and refrigeration markets.

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