BlueSpan has big plans for its Luxeon LED-based street lights and night lighting in Portugal

April 17, 2009
Date Announced: 17 Apr 2009 Pombal, Portugal and San Jose, California -— BlueSpan today announced that it has developed and implemented the first solid-state street lighting solution in Portugal along the Fidalgo Aprendiz in Pombal City using LUXEON® Rebel LEDs. The new street lights are approximately 60% more efficient than the most common High-Pressure Sodium lamps that were initially considered to replace the actual Mercury Vapor lamps installed.“We are excited and pleased that the new street lights will not only reduce our energy consumption but that we will also begin the process of removing solutions with mercury from use in our city,” said Narciso Mota, Mayor of Pombal City.Both high pressure sodium and various LED solutions were originally considered as replacement options. Ultimately a LUXEON Rebel based design consuming less than 80 Watts of power was selected because of the compelling energy savings, high efficiency, uniform light distribution and long lifetime that could be delivered. The street lamp technical design was the result of a cooperative development effort Philips Lumileds and optics expert Fraen. Working closely with teams from BlueSpan and Future Lighting Solutions, the complete system came together in a very short period of time and offers excellent performance. With a revolutionary new optical solution that ensures uniformity and reduces glare, a correlated color temperature tuned for the environment, and a 7 year warranty, the new street light is being considered for broader implementation through the country. According to David Marques, General Manager of BlueSpan, “Implementation in Portugal is being expanded with new installations in 40 different cities starting in May. We see national conversion to solid-state technology as a realistic goal over the next several years.” About BlueSpanBlueSpan is focused on delivering high-quality, energy efficient and sustainable LED lighting solutions that allow our customers to achieve their lighting, ownership and environmental objectives. Our technology and design experience coupled with system level competencies allows us to develop innovative, customer focused solutions. For more information please contact BlueSpan at BlueSpan at +351 234 639 230.About Philips Lumileds Philips Lumileds is the world's leading provider of power LEDs for everyday lighting applications. The company's recent records for light output, efficacy and thermal management are direct results of the ongoing commitment to advancing solid-state lighting technology and enabling lighting solutions that are more environmentally friendly, help reduce CO2 emissions and reduce the need for power plant expansion. Philips Lumileds' LUXEON LEDs are enabling never before possible applications in hospitality, outdoor lighting, retail lighting and in homes. More information about the company's LUXEON LED products and solid-state lighting technologies can be found at

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