CeramCool Liquid Cooling allows almost any needed cooling capacity

April 10, 2009
Date Announced: 10 Apr 2009 Air cooling reaches its limits at very high power densities. This is where liquid cooling is best suited. CeramCool, the ceramic heatsink for high power applications, profits from the electrically insulating characteristic and inertness of ceramics. No corrosion can cause trouble. The concept follows the same goal as for air cooled heatsinks: Shortest (thermal) distance between heat source and heat drain. With CeramCool Liquid Cooling it is feasible that for example cooling water is only 2mm away from the LED heat slug. No other concept can do this in combination with the durable nature of ceramics. Almost any needed cooling capacity is feasible! Additionally multilateral electrical circuits can be printed directly on CeramCool without creating thermal barriers.

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