amBX UK Ltd launches amBIENT XC lighting control system

April 24, 2009
Date Announced: 24 Apr 2009 Groundbreaking amBX lighting technology now available for the professional venue lighting marketRedhill, UK – amBX UK Ltd. today announced the launch of amBIENT XC, a lighting control system designed to dynamically manage RGB LED lighting installations, which can also synchronise them with music and video.This groundbreaking product provides a dynamic and flexible way to control LED lighting to maximum effect, by harnessing lighting effects to the theme, purpose, or changing ambience of a location. amBIENT XC’s dynamic, colour-themed effects can be pre-programmed, or will respond in real time to visual and/or aural stimuli, such as a video screen or music. It offers venues an innovative, maintenance-free and cost-effective way to create an appealing, immersive environment for their customers, as well as a low-cost, yet impressive, upgrade solution for venues currently offering limited lighting effects. Any environment, large or small, can benefit from amBIENT XC, which is targeted particularly at the venue lighting market, including restaurants, bars, night clubs, hotels, retail outlets, cinemas, casinos and even trade show stands, alongside their lighting designers, installers and suppliers. amBIENT XC uses amBX technology, which was successfully launched in the PC game and entertainment industries three years ago, and has since become a standard for the creation and delivery of ‘sensory surround’ effects in videogames. amBX won a CES Innovation award in 2006 for its outstanding technological advancement, a Windows Vista Best Buy award and best lighting gadget from 5ive’s The Gadget Show.“We wanted to find a way to put amBX technology into the hands of lighting designers, so launching amBIENT XC was the perfect solution for the lighting industry,” says Neil Macdonald, CEO of amBX Ltd.LED lighting manufacturers, too, believe the launch of the amBIENT XC will rapidly increase the adoption and use of RGB LEDs."amBIENT XC is the ideal way to control RGB LED lights and to maximise their potential. In fact it is an essential part of any lighting installation and we would always recommend it,” says Graeme Sanderson, of CMS LED Lighting.“From entertainment to architecture amBIENT XC is the control solution that completely involves the audience within the lighting performance space. RGB LED fixtures respond superbly to this dynamic control solution for the maximum overall effect, says Simon Cox, of Pulsar.“We are happy to recommend amBIENT XC to extract the full potential for Pulsar ChromaRange LED fixtures for a wide range of applications, it offers lighting designers another tool to realise their design.”Darren Marsh, Philips Solid State Lighting Solutions, says: “In my view the versatility of amBIENT XC offers exciting opportunities, not only for consumer / residential, but also for commercial and hospitality applications. “amBIENT XC is a fantastic interface for dynamic lighting opportunities and we at Philips Solid State Lighting are excited by the possibilities. We very much look forward to working closely with amBX in the future."For the lighting designer, installer or supplier, amBX provides a whole new toolset and innovative, creative lighting palette to work with.There is no other technology that offers this level of immersive effects management to the professional market at this time.amBIENT XC is available for sales and distribution: as a standalone system for lighting installers, and within design specifications. For more information please contact

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