ZEMAX unveils Educational Support Program

July 28, 2009
Date Announced: 28 Jul 2009 ZEMAX Development Corporation (ZDC) supports the teaching of optical system design at degree-awarding educational institutions worldwide. Typical course material includes lens design, optimization, tolerancing, physical optics, illumination, LED optics, straylight and any other aspect of optical system design where ZEMAX is used.The ZEMAX Educational Support Program consists of the following:1. ZDC will lend a network key for ZEMAX-EE with an appropriate number of licenses for the duration of the class(es) being taught. The network key is installed on a computer inside the University which is made available to students over an internet or VPNconnection. ZEMAX is installed on the students' computers (or computers provided by the University), and runs locally on those machines. This is ideal as it allows students to work inside the University, or at home, and distance learning students can also access the key easily.2. ZDC will supply printed copies of the Getting Started Using ZEMAX booklet, which can be used as coursework if desired in the initial stages of the class. Use of this booklet relieves the teaching staff of the need to explain how to use the software, and the examples given can be used to ensure students have a basic grasp of the fundamentals before moving on to the course design work.3. The course instructor may attend one training course on the use of ZEMAX free of charge. We encourage attendance to ensure that the best educational results for students are ensured, as ZEMAX is powerful, advanced optical system design software.An Application Form with full details is available from [email protected] or viahttp://www.zemax.com/kb/articles/275/1/What-is-the-ZEMAX-Educational-Support-Program/Page1.htmlThe decision to support or not any given class is at ZEMAX Development Corporation's sole discretion. The criteria for qualification includes the nature of the degree programoffered, the number of students, the number of optics classes taught, the scope and subject matter covered by the courses, and the degree of integration of the ZEMAX optical software into the coursework.Company ProfileZDC is the manufacturer of the award-winning ZEMAX optical system design software; the most widely used commercial lens design code. ZEMAX is used for lens design, illumination system design, stray light analysis, LED optics and laser beam propagation.ZDC also provides training in computer-based optical design methods.ZEMAX Development Corporation is a privately held company based in Bellevue, WA, USA.

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