LedEngin introduces white 40W LED light source exceeding 2000 lumens

July 16, 2009
Date Announced: 16 Jul 2009 Santa Clara, CA – LedEngin, Inc., a solid-state lighting company specializing in high performance LED products, introduces an ultra-bright, ultra-compact 40W LED light source available in warm, neutral and daylight white color temperatures. It is the first of its kind with record luminous flux density in a compact 9mm x 9mm footprint. The multi-chip LED is capable of 2000+ lumens in neutral and daylight white color temperatures and 1500+ lumens in warm white.This industry-leading LED is an excellent source for general lighting, down lighting, architectural and street lighting applications. The unparalleled thermal resistance of 0.7° C/W allows the extreme power density from such a small light source to create a compact and efficient optical system. LedEngin 40W LED light source exceeds the luminance of competing LED solutions by 6-10 times solving a major challenge of working with larger LED sources in flood and spot lighting applications. The high quality materials and the patented packaging technologies are chosen to optimize light output and minimize stresses resulting in superior reliability, color point stability and lumen maintenance well beyond industry standards. The robust packaging allows the 40W LED to meet JEDEC Level 1 Moisture Sensitivity Levels for unlimited product floor life.LedEngin also offers 24° and 35° lenses specifically optimized for this LED delivering the highest quality and quantity of light within the beam. The secondary optic maximizes usable light and provides a smooth light gradient with uniform color across the beam. There are no hot spots, shadows, rings or fringe effects that other lighting solutions, including other LED sources, exhibit. By utilizing these patented lenses, the LedEngin emitter/ lens combination performs exceptionally without additional filters or diffusers to create the highest quality lighting solution available today.“Our newest high density, high flux LED offers the brightest 40W light source with the highest light output and highest flux density for architectural and general lighting applications,“ said Dr. Xiantao Yan, Founder and Chief Technical Officer, LedEngin, Inc. “With record low thermal resistance, and thermally and electrically isolated pads, this package is ideal for downlighting fixtures and retro-fit lamps. By utilizing specially optimized lenses our 40W products continue to deliver the maximum “Lux on Target”, or usable light, that LedEngin products are known for.”The 40W LED and lenses are available today. Initial samples are available on a custom MCPCB for easy installation and alignment with the lens and lens holder. About LedEngin, Inc.LedEngin, Inc. is a California-based solid-state lighting company specializing in ultra-bright, ultra-compact LEDs capable of emitting 2,000+ lumens, delivering extreme flux density and industry leading reliability. The family of LED replacement lamps and lighting modules provides superior quality light in directional applications equivalent to 35W and 50W halogen lamps. LedEngin also develops LED custom solutions and provides expert application support on optical, electrical and thermal management.

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