Neo-Neon releases LED replacements for fluorescent tubes

July 14, 2009
Date Announced: 14 Jul 2009 Since the first light bulb was invented in the 1800’s new lamp technology has evolved. When the fluorescent tube was invented in 1929, sales of traditional light bulbs plummeted, and then in the 1970’s along came the compact fluorescent, since then new variations have evolved, sales of the former types have virtually disappeared, but the fundamental lamp design has remained unchanged, using a heating element to ignite gases and produce light. The use of a heating element results in energy being wasted as heat as opposed to generating light.Now the time has come for all of these light sources to be confined to history as the evolution of White LED’s has enabled Neo Neon LED Lighting International Ltd, to produce their latest innovation, an LED replacement for fluorescent tubes, that gives the same appearance and light output as a fluorescent tube.As LED’s do not rely on the use of a heating element, energy is not wasted, the T8 LED tubes from Neo Neon, offer a lumen efficiency in excess of 70 Lumens per watt. The 600mm T8 LED tube draws just 13 watts compared to the typical 21 watts drawn by a fluorescent tube of the same size. The 1200mm version draws only 26 watts compared to the 42 watts of associated size of fluorescent tube.We all know that it's important to save energy, for the sake of cost and the environment, by simply changing the tubes in existing fittings the new T8 LED tubes from Neo Neon can cut nearly 40% off the energy consumption of a typical office lighting installation.Unlike fluorescent lamps, the T8 LED Tubes from Neo Neon provide 100% light output within milliseconds of switching on the power, making them perfect for connection a PIR sensor and therefore saving even more energy.Combine these massive energy saving characteristics with the operational life of over 50,000 hours, which will virtually eliminate maintenance costs, the new T8 LED Tubes from Neo Neon will save you money from the day of installation and for years to come. The LED Tubes from Neo Neon, should not be confused with the low quality, poor light output versions offered by several other companies. To see just how lighting has truly evolved, contact the Neo Neon Sales Team.

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