Daktronics-manufactured display becomes real-time carbon counter in New York City

July 9, 2009
Date Announced: 09 Jul 2009 The display features the up-to-the-second greenhouse gas count in the Earth’s atmosphereBROOKINGS, S.D. – Van Wagner Communications recently chose Daktronics Inc. (NASDAQDAKT) to design and manufacture a new, light emitting diode (LED) display as a component of a spectacular new sign for its client, DB Climate Change Advisors, an institutional and alternatives climate change business of Deutsche Asset Management, a business division of Deutsche Bank AG. The curved LED display functions as the world’s first scientifically valid, real-time carbon counter. The carbon counter is the prominent feature of the nearly 70-foot tall Deutsche Bank billboard located in the heart of New York City at 33rd Street and 7th Avenue, just outside of Madison Square Garden and Penn Station.Deutsche Bank contracted with Van Wagner for the Penn Plaza location and for a complete turn-key installation of all of the display’s elements. Van Wagner Sign Erectors, a division of Van Wagner Communications, fabricated the new steel structural elements required for the display and performed all aspects of the field installation, but a third party manufacturer was required for the fabrication of the LED display. According to Irwin Sheftel, Vice President of Creative Development for Van Wagner, who oversaw all aspects of the project, Van Wagner chose Daktronics “because of the company’s experience in communicating real-time information to its LED displays… which not surprisingly was the most important aspect of this project.”The monochrome red, carbon counting LED display stands approximately 6 feet high by 39 feet wide and shows the total amount of greenhouse gases accumulating in the earth’s atmosphere. The “Number” on the Carbon Counter includes all the greenhouse gases covered under the Kyoto and Montreal Protocols (24 gases excluding ozone and aerosols). Deutsche Bank’s own software architects created the counting program that employs Daktronics Venus® 7000 display controller to communicate the greenhouse gas concentration data to the digital display imbedded in the billboard.By using the most efficient LEDs in the industry today, Daktronics manufactured the Carbon Counter display to require only 1 red LED per pixel to operate, thus increasing efficiency while still maximizing brightness. The Carbon Counter LED display itself is carbon neutral, using low-risk credits (CERs) to offset its energy use.For those not able to view the display in person, the Carbon Counter Number is available 24 hours a day at www.know-the-number.com and updates will be available at http://twitter.com/knowthenumber. A widget displaying the Carbon Counter’s Number can also be downloaded from the website.About DaktronicsDaktronics has strong leadership positions in, and is the world’s largest supplier of, computer-programmable displays, large screen video displays, digital billboards, and electronic scoreboards and control systems. The company excels in the control of large display systems, including those that require integration of multiple complex displays showing real-time information, graphics, animation and video. Daktronics designs, manufactures, markets and services display systems for customers around the world, in sport, business and transportation applications. For more information, visit the company’s World Wide Web site at: www.daktronics.com/billboard or e-mail the company at [email protected], call (605) 692-0200 ext. 56219 or toll-free (800) 325-8766 in the United States or write to the company at 201 Daktronics Drive PO Box 5128 Brookings, S.D. 57006-5128.About Van Wagner CommunicationsSince posting its first imprint in Times Square in the 1970s, Van Wagner Communications has been recognized as one of the most innovative industry leaders in the development of outdoor advertising. With operations in New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Boston, Chicago and Miami, and sports properties in over 40 states, Van Wagner's market specialists serve advertisers and agencies throughout the United States. www.vanwagner.comAbout Deutsche BankDeutsche Bank is a leading global investment bank with a strong and profitable private clients franchise. A leader in Germany and Europe, the bank is continuously growing in North America, Asia and key emerging markets. With 80,277 employees in 72 countries, Deutsche Bank competes to be the leading global provider of financial solutions for demanding clients creating exceptional value for its shareholders and people.

Photo: Daktronics LED Video display installed at Deutsche Bank billboard in New York, NY.

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