Master Bond UV cure adhesive excels in bond strength

July 8, 2009
Date Announced: 08 Jul 2009 Hackensack, NJ. -- Master Bond adds a significant strength advantage to a new UV adhesive compound combining high strength bonds with the well established benefits of UV cure namely; high productivity, improved performance and environmental compliance. Master Bond UV10TK40 is a modified epoxy adhesive offering a unique tensile strength of 8300 psi and a shore D hardness greater than 75, forming high surface hardness. It cures tack free in the presence of air and will gel rapidly upon UV light exposure. This UV adhesive exhibits low shrinkage and superior dimensional stability. High performance properties include heat stability, good chemical resistance and a Tg that exceeds 94°C. 100% reactive and environmentally-friendly, it does not contain any volatiles and hazardous solvents. Master Bond UV cure adhesive UV10TK40 is recommended for clear coating, sealing and bonding and simplifies any process that requires critical alignment or exact positioning. More about Master Bond’s UV cure adhesives:One part Light cure adhesive systems offer high performance coatings, adhesives, sealants, potting and encapsulation. They include polyurethanes, epoxies, polyesters and acrylics. They vary in thicknesses, hardness, chemical resistance, strength, clarity, etc. They have excellent bond strength to metals, ceramics, many plastics and most rubbers.

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