CooLED introduces LED auto lamp S25-3W replacement

July 20, 2009
Date Announced: 20 Jul 2009 CooLED Lighting introduces an innovative high power LED retrofitted lamp for automobile turn signal, stoplight or tail light. There are 6pcs of 0.5W MaxCool high power LED installing in the top and side of a 25mm-diameter fully-aluminum lamp head. And it is covered by a prismatic diffuser that allows symmetrical light distribution. To achieve good thermal performance, we use high quality aluminum for whole lamp head. It can directly and simply replace traditional bulb, because of its self-contained constant current LED driver with input voltage at 12V and universal Ba15s or Ba15d base. Compare with traditional Auto bulb, LED has following advantages:1) Much more energy-saving, only about 3W power consumption;2) Much longer lifespan, more than 50000hrs;3) Much faster response, 10 times faster than traditional bulb; (When apply it to stoplight, the car behind can see the stop signal 0.3-0.5S earlier. Sometimes it can avoid accident and save the life.) 4) Much more environmentally friendly, contain no mercury or toxic and flammable gases; last longer and produce less waste; and they are made from fully recyclable materials; 5) Much more safe, vibration and impact resistant; no UV and reduce IR radiation.6) Much more color choices, LED can produce a richer and more natural light and are available in many colors.

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