Innovations in Optics releases sophisticated and versatile LED Light Engines

July 17, 2009
Date Announced: 17 Jul 2009 Woburn, MA – Innovations in Optics is first to develop a series of OEM light engines that incorporate ultra high brightness (UHB) LEDs, several available primary collection optics, and thermistor and photo-sensor options for real-time feed back loops of temperature and light intensity. The LumiBright LE multi-configurable boards can accommodate from one to fourteen LED die from UV to near IR and up to three color combinations. The five collection optics provide optimized output solutions specific to end user applications, such as light guide and fiber optic coupling, projection lighting and unrivaled uniform far field illumination.Standard LumiBright LE Features:- Highest Brightness light engine- UV thru near IR- Single color or broad band Phosphors available- High thermal conductivity metal core PCB- Robust 8 pin SMT connector- Thermistor option available- Photosensor option available- Non-imaging optics- COB array technology- High performance polymer optic/resistant to yellowingAbout Innovations in OpticsInnovations in Optics provides solutions to the photonics industry. As a recognized leader in optical systems design and LED technology, we continuously develop creative solutions for our customers. Innovations in Optics has a worldwide list of satisfied clients that have successfully brought new products to market. Innovations in Optics was founded in 1993 by Thomas Brukilacchio, Ph.D. and Sarah Harpley Brukilacchio to serve the optics community with innovative solutions to demanding challenges. The company has grown from a consulting firm to a full-service organization offering engineering services, OEM manufacturing, and most recently, a new line of off-the-shelf LED light engines.

Innovations in Optics

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