Baytek international secures 2 year availability in Europe through tier 1 lighting vendor

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19010 0 thumb Date Announced: 02 Jul 2009

TAIPEI, TAIWAN -– BAYTEK international Corp, well known for it's high end LED lighting products has secured a 2 year availability of it's products allover Europe trough a tier 1 lighting vendor.

As of now all lighting products will be widely available trough normal retail, this due to a co-operation with a well known lighting manufacturer. Baytek will still keep it's own product branding besides the ODM/OEM products that are shipped trough the same channel. This will enhance the visibility of Baytek as a brand of high end solid-state lighting allover Europe.


Baytek is a technical strong solid state manufacturer, aiming at the top level of the solid state lighting market. due to it's strong product portfolio and excellent co-operation with European manufacturers Baytek's growth is impressive.

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