CrystalQ completes implementation of its sapphire manufacturing operations

July 20, 2009
Date Announced: 20 Jul 2009 -- CrystalQ Group B.V. completes the successful implementation of its own sapphire crystal growing manufacturing operationsCrystalQ Group B.V., based in Stadskanaal, The Netherlands, active in the development, production and sales of sapphire substrates, announced today that it is now able to offer sapphire wafers in commercial volumes and quality, based upon its own grown sapphire crystals.CrystalQ Group B.V. installed the first growing stations beginning of this year in its Stadskanaal facility and has together with its partners completed full implementation of the manufacturing processes and training of staff. Further developments in the optimization of its growing process, together with partners, have already been started. Current growing capacity is matching the installed wafer polishing output, but will be tripled in the next months to respond to the market increase in demand for sapphire wafers.“We are very proud to be able to grow our own sapphire and look forward to supplying the market with our own grown sapphire wafers. This is the result of great teamwork with partners and holds a promise for further co-operation. The results achieved so far help to respond to the growing demand for sapphire, a welcome development in the current economical climate” says Joris Barendregt, CEO CrystalQ Group BV. About CrystalQ Group B.V.CrystalQ Group is moving forward to offer the LED industry superior quality substrates at low costs by investing in improved sapphire growing, slicing and polishing technology. The demand for GaN based devices is expected to grow significantly during the coming years. Larger diameter substrates and reclaim services provided by CrystalQ Group aim to decrease the production costs for its customers. Additionally, the proprietary polishing process enables customers to improve their yield during epi-taxy growing.

Joris Barendregt, CEO CrystalQ Group B.V. tel: +31 (0)6 4620 5379

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