curveLED and Hippotizer at Microsoft

July 24, 2009
Date Announced: 24 Jul 2009 The newly constructed Microsoft campus at Redmond, WA includes a unique interactive experience: Each major building lobby features a 12 ft. wide x 27 ft. high curveLED transparent video display, driven by custom Mode Studios interactive software, with Hippotizer media servers as an integral part of the control system.The installation was designed and specified by Callison Architects of Seattle, in conjunction with Mode Studios’ Bob Bonniol. Scott Bokowski, the Project Producer, headed up installation and system integration along with Larry Darling of Epic Production Technologies. Show Control systems, control racks and audio systems were designed and provided by Electrosonic, Inc. and include four Hippotizer Stage media servers. Custom media content and live, real-time interactive control was provided by Mode Studios.“This project presented a number of challenges,” says Bob Bonniol. “The goal was to create interactive installations representing the energy and activity of the buildings. To remain compelling, the interactive experience had to be constantly evolving. The curveLED is perfectly suited to the concept of subtly blending display and atrium architecture. Among many other benefits, adding the Hippotizers to our own bespoke interactive programming allowed ease of content management, and access to the numerous effects that otherwise could never have been coded on time.”One of the advantages of the curveLED display system is its true 75% transparency. A person standing on a balcony located behind the system has a virtually unobstructed view of the main lobby areas, with no visible frames, wires, or connections. The curveLED system also offers unprecedented flexibility for creating three-dimensional video displays. It can be configured to conform to any shape, such as waves or curves, and can be installed suspended or free-standing. The system’s super bright SMD pixels provide high-quality 40 mm video resolution. At Microsoft, curveLED’s intensity control feature allows for daylight and nighttime viewing at a constant level via light sensors located throughout the lobbies.It is truly great to see a project like this come to fruition” says TMB’s Architectural Director Chris Curran. “All the work and effort was definitely worth it: The end result, giving the ability to interact with this breathtaking visual work of art, is truly memorable, befitting a company of Microsoft’s stature. This is an impressive, exciting landmark that combines the best of 21st Century art and technology.” Hippotizer media servers are recognized as the leading solution for real-time video effects, manipulation and playback. Prominent productions and installations worldwide are now specifying the Hippotizer, making it “the industry’s favorite media server.”Find out more about Callison Architects at Epic Production Technologies can be accessed at Mode Studios can be found at Electrosonic Solutions web address is and curveLED are distributed by TMB. For more information about Hippotizer by Green Hippo, visit the TMB Hippotizer web page at Learn more about curveLED at For immediate information in the Seattle area, please contact the local representative Lighting Group NW at

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