Multiled produces electronic devices using state-of-the-art LED technology

July 27, 2009
Date Announced: 27 Jul 2009 Multiled S.A. has technological solutions for your business. A great opportunity to know the products that will improve your corporate image and boost your sales. We produce electronic devices in state-of-the-art LED technology used across the globe: widescreen monitors, advertising displays, signs, billboards, scoreboards, mini compact (signs on clothing items), vehicular (signs and displays on vehicles), time and temperature clocks, waiting room management systems: queue and cashier counter management systems, accessories: ticket dispensers and rolls, among others. Our leadership is built on the combined strengths of perpetual innovation and know-how: industrial, technological and commercial development as well as on values such as adaptability to customer needs, flexibility and excellence.We provide tailored software and hardware solutions. We offer products best suited for each client’s specific needs: in all sizes, outdoor and indoor. We supply, specially, resellers, distributors, marketing and advertising agencies and event planners. Some of the companies that have already trusted us are: Aguas Argentinas, Bagó, Banco Ciudad, Banco Nación, Claro, Coca Cola, Correo Argentino, Esso, the International Hockey Federation, IBM, Ledesma, Loma Negra, Páginas Amarillas, Sarmiento Outdoor Advertising Group and Volkswagen, among others. We look forward to offering you the product you are looking for.

Multiled S.A.

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