Lightech expands product line with phase control dimming LED drivers

July 9, 2009
Date Announced: 09 Jul 2009 Tampa, Florida - Lightech Electronics has expanded its product offering to include a new family of phase controlled dimming LED drivers for LED drive current levels of 350mA, 500mA and 700mA. The product numbers are LED-18-350-120-D, LED-26-500-120-D and LED-36-700-120-D. These drivers are intended to be used inside an LED light fixture which is driven directly from the 120V ac power line. They are capable of dimming down to a light level of only 0.1% of full brightness using most of the commonly available dimmers. Either standard TRIAC dimmers or reverse phase control dimmers (trailing edge dimmers) can be used. To get the very best results a list of high performing dimmers is available from Lightech.Since the full range of control is from 100% down to 0.1%, then this means that the same fixture can be used as both a nightlight or as a regular room illumination light. The 1000X range of dimming control means that three of these drivers with three dimmers can be used with red, green and blue LEDs to make a simple, economical color mixing installation.The maximum number of LEDs which can be driven is 12, and the minimum number is 3. The most effective dimming (0.1%) is obtained with 12 LEDs in series. Six LEDs can be dimmed to 0.5% and 3 LEDs can be dimmed down to 1%.The 120Hz ripple in the output current is typically less than 2%.The output is electrically isolated for safety, conforming to the UL class 2 requirement. These products have complete protection against output short circuits and open circuits, with fully automatic reset. There is an integral overload voltage surge protector to protect against lightning induced surges on the power line.They are certified to the FCC class B consumer electromagnetic interference requirement.Each product is available either with side leads (shown) or with bottom feed leads for mounting on a junction box. To order the bottom feed parts add the letters –BF to the part number.These drivers are approved by Cree for driving Cree LEDs.In normal use the 18W product has a predicted lifetime in excess of ten years of continuous operation.

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