FiberGraf Materials introduces GrafMat graphite in 50, 275 and 500-micron lengths

July 15, 2009
Date Announced: 15 Jul 2009 FiberGraf Materials is pleased to announce a new graphite / graphite resin powder additive for enhanced composite performance. The “GrafMat” powder is offered in three grades based upon nominal particle lengths. The grades are GrafMat A50, A275 and A500 with 50, 275 and 500-micron lengths respectively. This type of material has not been available to the composite industry heretofore.Grafmat materials are produced by graphitizing a fiber / resin mixture at very high temperatures in a solid format. These materials are then mechanically processed into a powder format first, then they are further refined to nominal lengths. These small particle size powders are very well suited to be added into composite resin blends.The GrafMat materials were developed to allow material process engineers a fine powder type graphite particle that can be mixed precisely into various resin systems for enhanced thermal, electrical and mechanical improvements. The PAN-based carbon fibers are held together in small particle size with a graphitized resin. With the bulk density of the powder .87 gm/cc this fiber allows high fiber loadings on a volume percentage basis.Manufacturers of composite resin systems can utilize the various characteristics of these powders to impart desired affects in product performance. The GrafMat powders all have high thermal and electrical conductivities, excellent wear resistance, reduced radar cross-section and good thermal stability characteristics. Applications in EMI shielding, friction materials, low observables, heat dissipation, electrical conductivity and enhanced high temperature resistant resins are being evaluated.

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