Sunovia launches cobra-head LED lighting products

July 15, 2009
Date Announced: 15 Jul 2009 SARASOTA, Fla. - Sunovia Energy Technologies, Inc. has announced that it has launched the first in a new line of EvoLucia(TM) brand LED cobra head products that drastically reduce both energy consumption and carbon emissions, and also lasts up to three times longer than traditional HID cobra head style lighting fixtures that are installed along roadways today.In addition, Sunovia's new LED cobra head fixture contains no poisonous elements, such as mercury. There are in excess of 10 million cobra head lights in the United States alone, and the worldwide market for cobra head light fixtures exceeds $10 billion. Bob Fugerer, President of Sunovia Energy Technologies, Inc. stated, "We are very excited by the positive response that we have received regarding this new product line."Sunovia's patent-pending light aiming technologies allow the Company's fixtures to precisely focus light to the location specified, which virtually eliminates light pollution, such as sky glow and light trespass. Sunovia's light-aiming technologies also allowed Sunovia to create an efficient LED lighting solution that retro-fits into an existing cobra head housing, so our customers can save additional monies by only replacing the antiquated lamp and ballast with our proprietary cobra head LED platforms. Sunovia's LED aiming technologies were recently demonstrated in decorative roadway and walkway lighting fixtures that are now installed along Fairview, Texas roadways. By strategically aiming LEDs within a fixture, Sunovia achieves a higher light utilization, and illuminates the targeted area more efficiently.Sunovia's new cobra head product is an ideal replacement for the widely used 100-watt High Pressure Sodium cobra heads (typically 120-watt input) with an IES Type II Medium light distribution. The LED product supports a 25 to 30-foot mounting height and pole spacing of more than five mounting heights. The new product is ideal for new installations and many replacement installations where the pole spacing has already been established. The LED-based light aiming platforms, a core component of the EvoLucia product family, are designed to retrofit cobra head style housings that adhere to ANSI C136.17 size constraints, further increasing the opportunity for additional markets. Also, lower-wattage versions that are adapted for battery power rather than utility grid power are being sampled for solar lighting applications. The anticipated lifetime for the initial product offering is better than 12 years under typical operating conditions. Additional information can be reviewed at the Web site for Sunovia's EvoLucia products, Sunovia Energy Technologies, Inc.Sunovia(TM) Energy Technologies is a Sarasota, Florida-based company that commercializes and markets products within the LED lighting, infrared, and solar markets that reduce carbon emissions and promote national security. Sunovia's primary lines of business are advanced, cost-effective concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) and flat panel solar systems that employ patented cadmium telluride (CdTe) solar cell and infrared (IR) technologies, and energy-efficient LED lighting products marketed under the EvoLucia(TM) brand. Sunovia has exclusive marketing rights to products produced by EPIR Technologies, Inc. for civilian and military night vision markets.Sunovia's solar and LED lighting technologies are among the most cost and energy efficient in the world, and the company's research and development is dedicated to ensuring that Sunovia stays at the forefront of the renewable energy curve as markets expand and territories are defined. Sunovia is being advised by pre-eminent authorities in the field of renewable energy, including former Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham and former Under Secretary of Commerce Kenneth I. Juster.Sunovia owns a significant equity interest in Illinois-based EPIR Technologies, Inc., a global leader in the field of IR sensors and IR imaging that has pioneered the commercialization of CdTe on Si and HgCdTe on Si photovoltaic products, EPIR's collective infrared knowledge and experience is believed to exceed any company in the world. Its Founder, Chairman and CEO Dr. Sivalingam Sivananthan is the pioneer of HgCdTe growth by MBE and is a world renowned leader in this technology. EPIR holds the patent for growing CdTe directly on a Si readout integrated circuit, for which the company is developing a manufacturing capability with Congressional funding. Sunovia and EPIR have a network of close collaborative relationships, including the Army Research Laboratory, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the Night Vision Electronic Sensors Directorate, BAE Systems, and other laboratories around the world.

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