M-TUBE High Brightness: First homogeneous LED light system

July 23, 2009
Date Announced: 23 Jul 2009 Unlike conventional LED strips which emit isolated, lined up spots of light the M-TUBE is the first LED light guide system that dissipitates light perfectly homogeneous to the environment.The principle of the targeted light reflection along a crystal clear light guide makes this possible: The light is simply fed in at the side of two LED housings and is dissipitated in a targeted way to the environment along an imprinted reflector line inside the bar.The M-TUBE is an LED light for all fields of application in which safety and reliability have top priority. With an extremely long service life of up to 50,000 hours without cost-intensive maintenance, a only minimal heat generation and the small and compact design the M-TUBE can be used in almost any sphere of activity. Its flexible utilization allows decorative and creative accent setting as well as indirect ambience illumination – but in the High Brightness execution also large area illumination without any problems.The variant with the strongest light is the M-TUBE High Brightness (MT-HB) literally the highlight of the M-TUBE family, equipped with two high-efficiency dragon LEDs and a special aluminum body for the thermomanagement and combining design and functionality.The customer is spoilt for choice: The MT-HB is not only available in four standard lengths and in various colors (three shades of white, red, green and blue), but also in two types of connection – with connecting leads or as a plug-and-light version with a mains plug. In this way effective illumination concepts can be realized swiftly.The MT-HB single modules, which can be combined with rigid or flexible M-TUBE light guides in various lengths and are available in all monochrome colors as well as in an RGB version, open up completely free possibilities of creation.

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