Soft LED display from Huasun Optoelectronic

July 4, 2009
Date Announced: 04 Jul 2009 Beijing Huasun Optoelectronic Science Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise that is engaged in the researching, developing, producing, marketing, and engineer service of LED display and LED lighting. It has been grown in Beijing, capital of China, for over ten years. The main products and services include LED display system, LED digital stage system, LED lighting system. With a business principle of technological innovation and professional service, the company commits to provide high-quality LED products and solutions for all clients.The company has a R&D team made up of senior engineers. Taking advantage of the technological and cultural resource in the Capital of China, working together with experts in mechanism, optics, and electronics from the main universities, the team is devoted to the research and application of multimedia technology and has gained the leading position in product design, software development, mechanical design and optical application. The company has own many national invention patents in LED display technology. Flexible LED display, one of our patents, is a landmark product in the development of LED display. It is widely used by the clients from all over the world for the advantages of compact size, light weight, and easy installation. We always keep in mind that the mission and responsibility of the enterprise is to change the world by pioneer spirit and innovative product in a technology high speed age. We are always proud of it. Facing the client’s ever-changing needs and values in the age of diversified demand, we provide different solutions to different clients based on our focusing, listening, understanding, and meeting client’s need. We constantly invest many resources in the technological innovation to develop more advanced, environmentally friendly, and energy-conserving products and to provide more highly added value services for all clients and to make more people enjoy the fruits of technological development.Welcome to future of Huasun: a brighten future.

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