Lighthouse and The Picture Works shine in a busy 2009 summer

Oct. 29, 2009
Date Announced: 29 Oct 2009 The summer of 2009 has proved to be an extremely busy one for UK screen provider The Picture Works and its large inventory of Lighthouse LED panels. Indeed the Bank Holiday weekend of 28-30 August was the company’s busiest in 13 years, supplying around 40 screens ranging in size from two to fifteen metres wide.The three-day Leeds festival saw The Picture Works supply six Lighthouse R7-ER 7mm screens, covering a total of 120m2. Two 7 x 5 panel (7.14m (w) x 3.85m (h)) screens flanked the main stage, with a further 5 x 4 panel (5.1m (w) x 3.05m (h)) screen covering the rear of the FOH tower.In addition, the company provided the content for all three screens, supplying a five camera digital system for live relay, including operators. A four camera system was also supplied for the NME/Radio 1 stage, with three further LED screens totaling 46m2, throughout the site and a total of 28 crew. The company also supplied a 3 x 2 panel (3.06m (w) x 1.52m (h)) R7-ER screen and 15 crew to the event’s sister festival in Reading as well as numerous other video requirements across both sites. A few weeks earlier, on 31st July, acclaimed Dutch DJ Tiësto hosted an event in London’s Victoria Park which marked two notable firsts. Not only was he the first DJ to host his own show there, but it was also the biggest one day festival held in the park so far, with 20,000 eager clubbers lapping up a four hour set.Picture Works supplied 90 panels of Lighthouse R7-ER screen, configured as five vertical backstage strips and a horizontal frontstage bar, which provided a breathtaking array of visual effects for Tiësto, making the show just as much a visual feast as an audible one. Another major event at which The Picture Works pulled out all the stops was at the Paleo Festival, held in the Swiss town of Nyon between the 21st and 26th July and featuring a wide range of high profile acts including Placebo, The Prodigy, Moby, Fatboy Slim and Tracy Chapman.Working in conjunction with French multimedia company Alabama Media, Picture Works supplied a 10 x 8 panel (10.2m (w) x 6.08m (h)) Lighthouse R7-ER screen as an eye-catching backdrop to Fatboy Slim’s show. “It has been an incredibly busy summer for us and a very punishing schedule for the Lighthouse R7-ER panels,” says Picture Works proprietor Robin Wealleans. “But their reliability has meant that we’ve been able to embark on such a busy period with total confidence that we can provide the very best service, which is incredibly important.“Coupled with the superb image quality and colour reproduction of the panels, it has made for an incredibly successful year for both us and the events we have serviced.”With a packed autumn schedule the company shows no sign of slowing down. Robin adds, “We must be doing something right – we’re expanding rapidly while some of the more established companies are struggling. Being a niche company with the right hardware, crew and client-base has proved to be a good move.“Not only that, but we’ve got more exciting news to come before the year is out.”

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