Anolis at The Pier Bar & Grill, Cairns

Oct. 16, 2009
Date Announced: 16 Oct 2009 The Pier Bar & Grill in Cairns, Australia has an amazing location overlooking the water with commanding views across the Coral Sea and a fabulous view of all incoming yachts and boats. The hospitality is down to earth, accommodating 350 patrons including a large open deck that gets packed with locals and tourists.Recently, the venue made a conscious decision to invest in further cost efficient Anolis LED lighting to add mood and ambience, as well as reducing power consumption and maintenance. JVG was approached to supply and install the lighting, and an inventive scheme was designed by JVG’s North Queensland sales manager Scott Miller and Pier Bar & Grill owner, John Hassler.Anolis ArcSource 6 RGB Warm White fixtures are fitted above all the mirrors and columns around the venue and the pool table area, beaming with rich colours and setting the vibes. Anolis ArcLink RGB is used to give a high output boost to the feature lamp shades dotted throughout the venue, providing a seamless, rich glow of colour.“Everyone loves the results, specially as the room faces the Cairns inlet so at night the lighting changes with the setting sun, creating some truly magical effects”, says Miller. All the Anolis fixtures are powered by Anolis ArcPower 16x6 and ArcPower 144 LED drivers, and controlled via an E:Cue Excite +. “The Anolis additions have definitely made it a more relaxing atmosphere for people to chill and enjoy a nice ice cold beer or glass of wine whilst watching the sunset”, explains Miller, adding “John wanted the best in LED lighting, and Anolis was easily that choice".The venue's dancefloor area already contained existing Robe ColorSpot 170 AT moving lights, and these are used to project bright colours and effects onto the floor for exciting visuals. Miller reckons that their light output, plus the gobos and colours are "Amazing!” JVG has used Anolis extensively for many other installs including at the Consortium in Townsville and Cocktails & Dreams on the Gold Coast. Miller comments, "I said that Anolis was the way to go! The colours, specially the reds and blues, are beautifully deep and bright, and they are generally excellent and reliable fixtures".

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