Nanogate receives patent for optics technology, forms partnership

Oct. 7, 2009
Date Announced: 07 Oct 2009 Göttelborn, Germany -- Nanogate (ISIN DE000A0JKHC9), a leading international enabler in nanotechnology, has achieved further successes in the development and marketing of its cutting-edge Dotfarm®Optics technology: with an additional European application patent, comprehensive protection is guaranteed for Nanogate's technology for LED applications. At the same time the company has also started developing a new LED application. In partnership with a leading LED user, production start is targeted for the end of 2010.The Dotfarm®Optics technology developed by Nanogate offers nanostructured optical systems for improved light guiding. The high-precision surface ensures that the light output is concentrated and directed in a targeted manner. This can increase the light output of LEDs by a factor of between 2 and 10, resulting in significant energy saving potential. The new application patent is valid throughout Europe and covers the general design of an auxiliary LED optical system. Previously registered patents safeguard the technical advances made during development and primarily relate to the basics of the Dotfarm®Optics technology. Nanogate has also been granted a significant patent in China for the protection of optics technology. This Nanogate technology can be used in numerous applications, such as in lights for buildings or cars and in consumer electronics. Thanks to the unique production process – known as nanoimprint technology – and the energy savings obtained, the additional costs required are paid off within just a few months. Nanogate concentrates its LED applications on the growth market for high-performance optics in the fields of lighting technology as well as automotive and signalling systems. Initial market analyses in these areas suggest potential annual sales of more than EUR 150 million in the next five years.Nanogate has also started to adapt its powerful LED technology for a special high-tech application in the area of consumer electronics as part of its partnership with a leading Asian manufacturer. The technology is expected to be ready for production by the end of 2010. In the LCD sector, the adaptation of the Nanogate innovation for small-format LCDs is progressing. The development of background lighting for an application in the consumer electronics sector, which was initiated in 2008, is proceeding according to plan and production is expected to start on schedule.Ralf Zastrau, CEO of Nanogate: "Dotfarm®Optics is a powerful technology with considerable sales and results potential, which will contribute significantly to the value of Nanogate in the long-term. This additional application patent safeguards our expertise, and our partnership with a leading Asian manufacturer, which has just been launched, reaffirms the quality of our technology. Our cutting-edge optics technology allows considerable savings to be made in energy consumption and significantly reduces component size, thus providing an answer to one of the pressing problems of the 21st century, namely how to improve energy efficiency."Innovation-driven competitive advantage:This is the guiding motto Nanogate AG is using as it confronts the current economic challenges and opens up new growth prospects for its clients. To achieve this, Nanogate AG has stepped up its efforts and increased its funding significantly and will be presenting a multitude of innovations in the current financial year. Since going public the company has invested millions in developing new technology platforms and has transformed these into marketable products. Nanogate has successfully illustrated its expertise in more than 150 cases, using innovation to offer its clients added value and a competitive advantage.Nanogate AG:Nanogate is a leading international enabler in the nanotechnology growth market and so opens the gate to this technology for its customers. The firm, which is based in Göttelborn (Saarland), enables the programming and integration of additional properties such as non-stick, anti-bacterial, anti-corrosive and ultra-low friction. Nanogate thereby gains a competitive edge for its customers by product refinement using chemical nanotechnology. Nanogate covers a wide range of industries, functions and substrates already on the basis of technology platforms. The company thus provides a decisive interface for the commercialisation of chemical nanotechnology, bridges the gap between raw materials and their industrial conversion into products and concentrates as an enabler on one of the most attractive segments in the industry. As a partner in innovation, Nanogate provides many services along the value chain – from development and production of innovative nanocomposites and nanostructured materials to powerful support for innovation and product integration.The Nanogate Group currently has 84 employees in all (as of September 2009) and since commencing operations in 1999 has been a pioneer in nanotechnology. Nanogate is a high-growth company and has operated profitably since financial year 2004. In financial year 2007 it boosted consolidated sales by almost 17 % to around EUR 12.2 million. The earnings before taxes (EBT, according to IFRS) amounted to around EUR 1.1 million. The company has first-class customer references (e.g. ABB, BSH Bosch-Siemens Haushaltsgeräte, Kärcher and Koenig & Bauer AG) and many years’ experience of different industries and applications. It has also entered into strategic cooperation with international companies such as Dow Corning. The Group’s consolidation entity includes Nanogate Advanced Materials GmbH, which specialises in complex applications like high-performance optics, FNP GmbH in the area of sport/leisure and a majority shareholding in Holmenkol AG.

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