3.5-, 4.5- and 5.5-inch apertures now featured on Nora LED recessed down lights

Oct. 14, 2009
Date Announced: 14 Oct 2009 COMMERCE, CA -- Nora Lighting’s energy-efficient LED recessed down lights are available with small apertures and high lumen output to accommodate a wide range of new construction and renovation projects.The California Title 24-compliant solid state fixtures are offered in three 120V models: a 3.5-inch diameter aperture (10.5W) with 500 lumens output at 3000K; a 4.5-inch aperture (14W) with 622 lumens at 3000K; and a 5.5-inch aperture (14W) with 635 lumens at 3000K and 730 lumens at 4200K. Featuring Osram® 1.2W LEDS, the Nora 14W down lights provide energy savings of more than 75 percent when compared with 65W BR30 lamps – and without the flicker or delay of compact fluorescents. Readied for residential and light commercial sites, the fixtures integrate the warm white color of incandescent lamps with long-lasting, high-output LED technology. They are rated for 50,000 hours at 70 percent lumen maintenance. The reflector is available in white or platinum diffused. Trim is standard with a self-flanged die cast trim ring. All fixtures have a three-year warranty and are cUL listed.The new LEDs provide illumination without projected heat, ultra violet or infrared rays, which has made these down lights ideal for heat-sensitive retail or market installations. Color temperatures are rated at 86 CRI. An advanced thermal management design ensures long life for both the LED module and the driver, which is located on the j-box for easy maintenance. The LEDs are dimmable to three percent using most economical two-wire dimmers and the cUL-recognized dimmable driver is specifically designed for optimum LED performance.A scientifically-designed, triple-laminated lens diffuses the LED image to provide high lumens on all models. The internal high-reflectance luminance system exceeds industry standards and produces light output that is among the highest available. All units are airtight (ASTM-283) and rated for use in insulated ceilings. Incorporating a modular design, the LED housing is first installed and then finished with trim that integrates the LED unit. Nora’s earth-friendly LED technology helps reduce a building’s carbon footprint by minimizing CO2 output and eliminating toxic mercury from the environment. Nora Lighting manufactures one of the industry’s most comprehensive lines of interior lighting products for commercial, retail, hospitality, healthcare, educational and residential installations. The product line includes track and rail systems, recessed lighting, multiple lighting systems, under cabinet and an expanding series of accent lights.Nora products can be seen in professional electrical distributorships and lighting showrooms nationwide. The company has been in business since 1989 and is known for quality fixtures with a range of price points. For more information about Nora Lighting products, contact a sales representative or call: 800.686.6672 for a copy of Nora’s 380-page Buyer’s Guide, available free to industry professionals.

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