Highway service area in Germany receives LED Lighting

Oct. 12, 2009
Date Announced: 12 Oct 2009 Esslingen/Berlin -- Since some weeks travelers on highway A24 between Berlin and Hamburg, Germany will be enlightened about one hour north of Berlin. The service area on one side of the highway is shining brilliantly whereas the one on the opposite side is showing the muddy and shadowy light drivers are used to since many years. Here a pilot project is demonstrating the highly visible difference between today and tomorrow.Germany finally is initializing a trend in Europe. With the first highway service area equipped with brilliant modern LED lighting at the A24 in Walsleben the Federal Ministry of Traffic is setting international standards. LED street lighting is the future technology – pleasing both treasurers and tax payers as they are remarkable lighter, clearly longer-lived and much more energy efficient. Security also is enhanced as dark areas and long shadows belong to the past. The pilot project in Walsleben East will prove the supremacy of LED technology.In this future oriented market with high growth potential the ministry is betting on a luminous source from Germany which is technically advanced. The lamps installed in Walsleben service area have been developed in Germany, the modules (Lightengine by Lumenova) are manufactured in Esslingen, Germany, and the completed lamps are coming from 2KMoxa Lighting in Thuringia.In the coming years about one third of the existing street lightings will have to be exchanged as they are technically outdated. Following the brilliant success in Walsleben the German LED development seems to be a preferred solution to enlighten streets both domestic and international.About PSI GroupPSI Group develops, manufactures and supplies innovative lighting solutions based on Light Emitting Diodes (LED). Major segments are street lighting and exterior lighting. Lumenova GmbH as part of the PSI group is supplying so called “Lightengines” to manufacturers of street lighting and to the affiliated company 2K Moxa Lighting. LED lighting has clear advantages for the customer: it offers double-digit energy reduction, is nearly maintenance free thus impressively reducing operating expenses.The development of innovative Lightengines for lighting purposes at streets, large squares, pedestrian crossings and bicycle paths is protected by patent applications. LED light source, optical distribution and electronic steering are integrated into a closed system cassette.PSI Group is a young technology company which emerged from the former Panasonic picture tube factory as management buy-out. The longtime knowhow in advanced manufacturing technology and electronic systems is the basis for the development of innovative products in highest quality and sustainable customer benefits.

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